5 Chinese New Year "Must Eat" & their meaning

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, I start to notice there are many food and snacks that only appear during the Chinese New Year time.

Have you ever wondered why we do eat them during the Chinese New Year? It turns out that , those food and their names carry good meanings in Chinese (好意頭) & are considered auspicious to start the year. Here are the Must Haves for you this CNY 😊:

  1. Fat Choy ( Sea moss)

During the Chinese New Year we always eat a dish of Fat Choy cooked with dried oyster.

The name of the dish is called Fat Choy Ho Si, which has a similar pronunciation as the phrase

  • the term 發財 means get rich, that is why we said Kung Hei Fat Choy ( 恭喜發財) when we visit friends and family in Chinese New Year.

In pic: Braised Whole Abalone with Goose Web and Sea Moss