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Throwback: LocalHood’s Annual Thanksgiving Social 2019

On Saturday 16th of Nov, the day of LocalHood’s Annual Thanksgiving Social 2019 we woke to a cloudy and grey sky! Thankfully, it was the universe playing a little ’s joke and towards 11am the skies went blue.

The setting thus for the Social was a perfect sunny day embellished by an impeccably convivial ambiance at an outdoor BBQ space in the neighbourhood of Saiwan! The focus on this important day were the people who make LocalHood happen. Though difficult, the relatively chaotic backdrop prevailing in Hong Kong was forgotten for some time.

Invitees on this day were our LocalHood volunteers and Partners who came accompanied with their characteristic upbeat spirit and smiling faces. Thank you, guys and gals, for your contribution in our joint efforts to make our HK neighbourhoods more supportive, more connected & a better place to live in🙏.

Let’s face it, there is still lots of work to do and lots of neighbourhoods to reach out to but we are thankful for Localhood’s growing momentum and we celebrate our small but meaningful successes.

Our strength is our collective enthusiasm and our rock-solid drive to make HK neighbourhoods more cohesive. HK is a transient city. This is a fact. Volunteers and Partners will come and go.

As long as @ Team LocalHood as a whole remains committed towards it's mission and creating awareness about the importance of supportive neighbourhoods, we will prevail😀👏 ! As someone rightly said "...cause a neighbourhood is where people are connected!. It's never a place, it's a feeling— a sense of belonging!"

Before we end this throwback we would like to say that LocalHood Thanksgiving social 2019 would not have been possible without this year’s F&B sponsors. A big shout out, hugs and thanks to @CafesiamHK and @PizzeriaItalia for supporting LocalHood and participating in the excellent table spread😋😄😋.

A very special thanks to @Allanliu and @Ania Pax, for picking up food from sponsors 🎉🥰. Thanks to you we were able to eat the yummy food from the kitchens of our magnanimous sponsors 😀.

Thank you also to Sze Yeen and Pooja, for writing the guest name tags and Sze Yeen Lim for taking videos at the Social 😍😄.

See you next time. Unti then take care neighbour ❤ 🙌

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