Hong Kong protests: View point of a random neighbour

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts below are personal of the author. They does not represent the view point of @Team LocalHood. Despite this article being related to a sensitive topic, we decided to write it. We express no views be it for or against the protests, simply a view point of a neighbour!

We need love, not hatred.

It has been over five months already since the protest has started The whole thing has gone in circles— more violence, more tear gas, more arrest, more hatred and nothing really changes.

Our society has been very much polarized. Our neighbours are split into two sides, people in the grey area are being forced to pick a side, people who stand a different view are "unfriending" each other. Things have been a total chaos. We create our own echo chamber, only see things we want to see (things from the side we stand), hear things we want to hear and we end up only seeing one side of the story, of the truth.