A foodie on a budget: 6 places for 50HKD meal

With cost of living in Hong Kong constantly rising, a lot of people start to hunt for restaurants that are reasonably priced, and with good food quality too.

I live in the NT but I travel across HK for work. Being a foodie I'm always looking out for good and reasonably priced places to eat.

Here are six places to have a meal for around $50 Hong Kong Dollars which have been tried and tested by me. Hope you will like the list of my favorite ones on HK Island - 3 in Eastern District and 3 from Western District. Go check them out....

1. Po Lin Yuen vegetarian restaurant (寶蓮苑素食) - Western District (Sai Ying Pun)

For the vegetarians among us this is a lesser known gem! Located on the G/F, 308 Queen's Road West in the Sai Ying Pun District it is a popular eating place for the locals and a few expats. Just to specify the restaurant though does have fish products (so not totally vegetarian). They do have an English menu. You can also order dishes you fancy eating from the window (pic below).