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Blog Article:The hood from an artist's eye

Urmila Menon is an urban sketcher and artist living in Kennedy town. In this section, Urmila takes us through different parts of the central & western district - our hood - and shares her very personal take on it.


"The beautiful sights at the pier. I love how the locals unwind with some good old fishing at the pier. The leisurely wait for a catch while the city bustles around is a very soothing sight. I find this ability to wind down amidst chaos a very alluring sight. .

So I perched myself behind them on a stray bench. Praying that no creepy crawlies attack me😬. Since it was pitch dark where I sat.

I wanted to catch the mood of the whole sight. Drop some ❤️ if you are enjoying this pier series!"


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IG : @urmimenon

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