Say NO to BOTTLED WATER: Free Wat💦r on the HK Island

According to a recent report, more than 11,000 plastic bottles were collected on Hong Kong beaches in the past year, most of them of disposable drinking water. What a shame most of us would say! Did you know there are many drinkable water sources around us? Winnie and Yi Feng go around and tell us where are some of the notable free water sources around us on the HK Island.

Interesting Cultural Fact 😊: We are relatively lucky in the water department in Hong Kong SAR. Why? That is because we can get water for free in the streets whereas just across the Victoria Harbour waters in Macau SAR, you can only get water in casinos.

But, Casinos are generally not very generous with handing out water either, as In Canto/ Putonghua, water (pronounced as “shui” 水) means money. So logically we shouldn't expect casinos or gaming shops to hand out "shui" for free 😂😂!!