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Step-by-Step Stroller friendly hike to THE PEAK

Originally published: Oct 19

Republished: Mar 22

Walking up to Victoria Peak during the weekend has been part of my fitness routine for some years.

As a creature of habit, I tend to use the same trail, i.e. via Old Peak Road. Over the years I have noticed people from all walks of life including an elderly in his 80s and an unprepared tourist in heels (obviously did not do enough research) attempting that cardiac arrest trail. One of the regulars was a fit looking dad, huffing and puffing while he pushes his toddlers in their twin strollers. It’s a great way to workout while one spends quality time with his/her kids but it’s not for everyone. If you want to get your heart beat up to 180 bpm, Old Peak Road trail is for you.

During one of our monthly meetings other members of the website volunteers team challenged me to find a stroller friendly trail all the way up to The Peak using ONLY public transportation. It did spice up my routine hiking ritual and after a couple of attempts walking back in circles, I did manage to find one!

Yes, 100% steps free, paved with gradual inclination. Read on for a step-by-step guide up the Peak with a buggy 😊✌.

Beginners with or without the stroller will be able to reach The Peak Galleria within 2 hours including some picture time of the beautiful view at Lugard Road as well as appreciating nature along the way.

How to get there?

Get to Hatton Road either using the mtr or bus.

  1. MTR. From HKU Station

Exit A. Take lift to HKU.

Walk towards direction of Main Campus ; i.e. left of Haking Wong Building.

Walk along Upper University Street until you see the sign to Lung Fu Shan Hiking Trail.

Follow the sign up the ramp.

All the way till the street level

Turn right and walk along the road till the junction.

At the junction, take the left towards Kotewall Road Exit

Keep walking until you reach Kotewall Road Exit

At Kotelwall Road Exit , turn left and cross the road towards Citybus #13 stop.

2. Bus #13 from City Hall

Alight at the last stop (pix above) at Kotewall Road.

From Bus Stop #13, walk towards the ramp right behind (right) and you will see Hatton Road sign.

Walk along Hatton Road and before you realise it, you will come across “Morning Trail” sign.

Follow the trail until you come to a fork road.

Keep left. Follow the direction to The Peak

Keep walking until you see a small fitness park

At the fork right after the fitness park, take left (walk backwards) towards Lugard Road.

Enjoy the beautiful view along Lugard Road until you reach Peak Galleria.

When you are ready to leave , either walk the same trail back to HKU Station or take the bus from the Peak Galleria bus terminus. Alternatively, take the peak tram back to Central.

Do not forget to bring the following :

At least 1 litre of water


Insect repellent

Sunglasses and hat

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