Did you know? Public Bath houses 🧼🧼

There was a Bubonic plague outbreak in Hong Kong in 1894. The colonial government wanted to stop spreading the disease and hence free bathhouses were provided to the local population to improve hygiene levels and providing a desirable public health environment.

Under the British in the late 19th century, the urbanised area that included present-day Sai Wan, Sheung Wan, Central and Wan Chai was named “City of Victoria”.

It was not until 1925 public bathhouses were built beyond the Hong Kong Island. As of today, there are over 25 public bath houses still in use in Hong Kong of which 6 on the HK island. You can have a look at the list of public baths on the HK island here: https://www.fehd.gov.hk/english/pleasant_environment/cleansing/list_of_bathhouse.html?district=HK.

Public Bath: Kowloon

Many Hong Kongers, find their existence to be unnecessary but these public bath houses serve some of us even today like seniors, especially those living in some older districts with poor housing accommodation.

The first public bathhouse was constructed in Wan Chai in 1903 following which a number of public bathhouses serving the poor working Chinese were built in the City of Victoria. In the CWD, the public bath hous