Fostering a child in Hong Kong

I was a fulfilled mother with 2 happy confident primary school kids and a happy marriage.

I remembered distinctly that typical HK autumn day 18 months ago like it was yesterday. I came home from school where I work as a teacher. I had had a tiring day and with the same thought going on in my mind again like every day since the past month. That night, after giving it much thought I voiced it out to my husband, Zolas.

What did he think about becoming a foster parent?

Zolas had numerous fears and logical concerns. To start with he was happy with how our family was going and wasn’t sure we would have the time to devote to a third child who was not even ours. We liked the idea of sharing our blessing with a “young” child and giving it a temporary home, but he not sure to understand the responsibilities that came with fostering a child.

Fostering children, we learn through google, typically involves children under 18 years of age with normal health or with mild mental/physical disability or other special needs and being assessed as fit for family care.