Art: The upcoming Asia Contemporary Art show

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Perfectly quoted by Edgar Degas, a highly celebrated French Artist of the 19th century. And it makes so much sense. For an artist their artwork is a product of their creativity and perception, however, each spectator is free to perceive it as per their imagination. Art insists on us to think beyond the ordinary. It has the ability to evoke within us emotions that otherwise are in hiding.

The 15th Edition of one of Hong Kong’s renowned art exhibitions is here. This year’s Fall Edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show is all set to indulge you with brilliantly thought-provoking works of artists from around the world.

Pic: Scene from past editions of the Asia Art Contemporary Show

Unlike other exhibitions held in magnificent halls, this art show boasts of a unconventional venue, the luxurious Conrad Hong Kong. The elegant suites of the hotel transform into showcases of original artworks represented by some of the illustrious art galleries from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia, Russia, France, U.S. and many others. So don’t think twice before walking into a room with expectations of being captivated by true talent and sheer creativity.