Throwback: Localhood’s MAF Street Party

True to it's name, we connected with the community at our semi-annual Street Party on Sunday 8th September, this time for the Mid Autumn Festival.

Despite the Hong Kong heat and demonstrations (at the US embassy) and subsequent MTR closure in Central we were joined by many, some who made it a point to come by, plus some unsuspecting passers by who happened upon us from while running chores in the neighborhood!

Many came from the Eastern part of the island... but who’s to say what defines a neighborhood? Boundaries can be as far reaching as we allow. The LocalHood Team were delighted to welcome all who stopped to say hello, visit the stalls and join in the activities.

All geared up' @ some volunteers setting up venue for the party

The set up took more time than expected due to more workshops and participants than previous street parties. We celebrated this great local festival with local delicacies, among local NGOs, playing games and workshops, gifts and prizes galore....with neighbors, friends and family 🎉🌝🎊.

Team USSC, co-organizers of the event, dressed up the street as it should be: like a giant party, with balloons, lanterns and smiling adults and happy kids galore 😃😍❤.