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Throwback: Localhood’s MAF Street Party

True to it's name, we connected with the community at our semi-annual Street Party on Sunday 8th September, this time for the Mid Autumn Festival.

Despite the Hong Kong heat and demonstrations (at the US embassy) and subsequent MTR closure in Central we were joined by many, some who made it a point to come by, plus some unsuspecting passers by who happened upon us from while running chores in the neighborhood!

Many came from the Eastern part of the island... but who’s to say what defines a neighborhood? Boundaries can be as far reaching as we allow. The LocalHood Team were delighted to welcome all who stopped to say hello, visit the stalls and join in the activities.

All geared up' @ some volunteers setting up venue for the party

The set up took more time than expected due to more workshops and participants than previous street parties. We celebrated this great local festival with local delicacies, among local NGOs, playing games and workshops, gifts and prizes galore....with neighbors, friends and family 🎉🌝🎊.

Team USSC, co-organizers of the event, dressed up the street as it should be: like a giant party, with balloons, lanterns and smiling adults and happy kids galore 😃😍❤.

And the party begins...

We started off with a violin and bass performance by the very talented students of the HK Suzuki Music Institute:

Students from HK Suzuki Music institute in action

The director of the institute, Evelyn Osborne, was very hands on and led the violin performance. The performance of the kids once again enthralled the public.

A middle-school student of a neighborhood school , Piyali, reminded the guests of some and enlightened others of the lovely story of Chang E and Hou Yi - one of the legend behind the Mid Autumn Festival.

Piyali tells us about the legend behind the Mid Autumn Festival

Thereafter, 2 hours of fun, frolic ensued mixed with a bit of awareness about the different issues that HK faces. Happy faces were seen meeting friends, both old and new as participants went from 1 booth to the other. Mother weather was enjoying the party too and gave us a perfect afternoon of cloudy skies but no rain ✔😁🤞.

Among the other highlights of the event were the yummy local culinary delights tasting, including but not limited to moon cakes. It was a BYOB event, so many guest got bottles of water, beer and wine to share.

Local culinary delights tasting

Participating local NGOs made added the element of awareness to this fun event.

HK Shark Foundation: HK Shark foundation, our regular exhibitor, easily gained the attention of kids and adults alike with their amazing shark costumes 👀😁. This organisation has a mission of raising awareness about shark conservation, particularly the unsustainable practice of shark finning, and to reduce consumption of shark products in Hong Kong. You too can help save the sharks!

Crafty Charity: A community of creative volunteers who craft or learn to craft with a purpose. Raising funds for partner charities through crafting, they welcome all creative crafters. This group works closely with Impact Hong Kong.

To learn more about the co-founder Irene Li and this group:

Plastic Free Seas: A Hong Kong based environmental charity dedicated to advocating change in the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns.

LAP Hong Kong : Lifelong Animal Protection Charity

Exists to help animals in Hong Kong and to bring about the conditions whereby every animal has a good home.

A picture peek into some of our game booths and workshops for adult and kids , where participants learned and had fun. Our team especially delighted in tote bag screen printing workshop, the Water chestnut workshop, Tree conservation stall as well as the wicked Lantern festival quiz😉😉 .

L to R/Up to Down: Lantern Quiz/ Tote bank screen painting/ Keep in shape game/ Water Chestnut workshop.

Last but not the least, @ Team LocalHood had lots of fun too planning and organizing this fun community event.

LocalHood volunteers speaking about our mission to participants of the event/ Some of @ Team Localhood taking a welcome breather. Nice to be such a great diverse group😊.

Finally, Shout out to Hideout Cafe (center street) for helping us keep our stuff and for being an overall awesome neighbourhood vendor offering a 15% discount to all LocalHood members:

Joon ciao jit fai lok people😍😍 !! Happy Mid Autumn Festival 😍😍 !!

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