Meeting the Maestro @ Ng Cheuk Yin

A man with a university student like gait, wearing a mask came through the door my work space. He obviously had a cold. It’s only when he lowered his mask that I realised it was NG Cheuk Yin.

Cheuk Yin for those who may not be knowing, is a renowned HK musician. He wears many hats: He is a music composer, producer, Sheng performer, and a cappella artist to limit ourselves to just a few. His music knows no frontiers between the East and the West, enriched by a variety of genres all together creating a new version of the very special Hong Kong culture.

We quickly settle down before he takes me flashbacking, if there is ever such word in English, into his background and childhood. Cheuk Yin is a HK born and raised musical prodigy, studying piano when he was 6Y old and the Sheng, a seemingly complicated and heavy old Chinese musical instrument, kind of a mouth organ, at the young age of 8. Right from a very early age, Cheuk Yin loved music and rhythm and participated in different orchestras.