Places in HK to Rest Your Mind & Soul

“ We can’t stop life from going up and down, but we don’t have to go up and down with it”, wrote the spiritual teacher, Eknath Easwaran. When the mind is even, we can be comfortable everywhere.”​

If there ever was a city in which we needed our minds to be even, it’s Hong Kong. With its vibrant, diverse and dramatic environment - from the weather, politics and work dynamics to transient friendships - it’s certainly a place where life can go way up and way down.

Age old wisdom and philosophy has taught this for centuries, and research is now proving, that meditation is a sure-fire way to calming the mind.

Call it mindfulness, meditation, or mindful meditation, the goal is the same: to help us go inward, calm the fluctuations of the mind, so we can respond, rather than react, and stay equanimous no matter what life throws us.

Yet with so many different methods and approaches out there, it’s difficult to know where to begin - which technique or teaching is “the right one” for us?

The upside is that Hong Kong being the city of variety that it is, there’s something for everyone. Be determined - if one doesn’t resonate, try a different method. By staying centred and calm you’re not just helping yourself, but everyone around you, too!