Mooncaking - A Time For Family & Friends

Mooncaking - a term coined by a Couchsurfing friend for the baking and eating of mooncakes during mid-autumn festival, is a Hong Kong art-form.

We may or may not like moon cakes. But while in Hong Kong, we suggest you definitely give them a taste. Our volunteer @ Desmond Cheung shot a short clip of him moon caking with a friend...and here is how she found the moon cakes 😉.

As you know, Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the biggest Chinese celebrations. As a form of respect, mooncakes, whose shape represents the moon, are given to seniors: grandparents, parents, and partner's family and friends.

Pre-order period sets in mid-July to early August from retail stores and via corporate channels. For those who have not yet taken care of it thankfully, you can still buy ready-made mooncakes!!

Hampers are also bought for family celebrations, but are commonly corporate gifts🎁 Nothing beats the thrill of seeing beautiful hampers at the office to ring in the festival of the moon . These goodies are shared amongst departments. On the day of Mid-Autumn Festival, an early leave is expected (approx. 3pm), and the day after is public holiday.

Food waste unfortunately is a big part of the festival. In 2018, 80,000 mooncakes were collected and the figure is rising annually. Approximately 80% of recycled mooncakes are from big manufacturer or chain stores. Once the festival passed, mooncakes are more often than not trashed. Such a waste!