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Mooncaking - A Time For Family & Friends

Mooncaking - a term coined by a Couchsurfing friend for the baking and eating of mooncakes during mid-autumn festival, is a Hong Kong art-form.

We may or may not like moon cakes. But while in Hong Kong, we suggest you definitely give them a taste. Our volunteer @ Desmond Cheung shot a short clip of him moon caking with a friend...and here is how she found the moon cakes 😉.

As you know, Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the biggest Chinese celebrations. As a form of respect, mooncakes, whose shape represents the moon, are given to seniors: grandparents, parents, and partner's family and friends.

Pre-order period sets in mid-July to early August from retail stores and via corporate channels. For those who have not yet taken care of it thankfully, you can still buy ready-made mooncakes!!

Hampers are also bought for family celebrations, but are commonly corporate gifts🎁 Nothing beats the thrill of seeing beautiful hampers at the office to ring in the festival of the moon . These goodies are shared amongst departments. On the day of Mid-Autumn Festival, an early leave is expected (approx. 3pm), and the day after is public holiday.

Food waste unfortunately is a big part of the festival. In 2018, 80,000 mooncakes were collected and the figure is rising annually. Approximately 80% of recycled mooncakes are from big manufacturer or chain stores. Once the festival passed, mooncakes are more often than not trashed. Such a waste!

This year why not share the joy of mooncaking by giving to less privileged. In recent years, NGOs collect mooncakes in donation boxes at housing estates and commercial buildings. Recycled mooncakes have to meet a criteria, so please refer to the NGO’s guidelines for donation. These mooncakes are distributed after the festival.

NGO Food Grace, recycles mooncakes every year. This year they are partners with HK01 and many local corporations to the budget for mooncake as donation for community programs.

Want some yummy mooncake recommendations on Mooncakes😋? Here you go with our top choices:

1. Traditional Mooncake

a) Four Seasons Hong Kong’s lotus paste and salty egg yolk mooncakes are known for its smoothness and depth of flavor in the lotus paste (made primarily from lotus seeds) and the golden gleam of the salty egg yolk.

Price: HK$508 for box of 4 large mooncakes.

Sold in: Four Seasons next to IFC

b) Shanghai Tang’s traditional mooncake are a pricey but elegant selection. The box lights up for a perfect celebration under the full moon.

Price: HK$628 for box of 3 large mooncakes.

Sold in: Shanghai Tang Pacific Place

2. Egg Custard Mooncake

a) Peninsula’s egg custard mooncakes are sought after and are sold out by end August every year. These mooncakes are super popular for its creamy and soft texture and light taste.

b) Patisserie La Lune’s egg custard mooncake has an egg tart-like crumbly crust and melt-in-your mouth egg custard with egg lava filling. The mooncake tastes best warmed in an oven(or microwave). Estimated to be available around late August.

Price: HK$198 for non-recyclable box of 4, HK$195 for recyclable box of 4

Sold in: Citysuper

c) Imperial Patisserie’s egg custard mooncake with lava filling has a wild following. Their head chef invented the egg custard mooncake during his time in Peninsula. His latest offering-the egg custard mooncake with lava filling- won the Grand Gold prize by the Monde Selection 2019 in Bruxelles. Available for wait-list around late August 2019.

Price: $368 for box of 8

Sold in: Citysuper

3. Snow Skin Mooncake

a) Snow skin mooncake is a Hong Kong invention by Tai Pan bakery. Made from glutinous rice flour, it has a gooey texture like the skin of mochi ice-cream.

They are sold in small packs of 2 or big boxes of 8. Wide assortment of flavours in a single box.

Price: HK$300-400 for box of 8 (around 50% discount in Park N’ Shop) or HK$70-90 for 2

Sold in: Park N’ Shop and Shun Tak Building atrium

Mali Home’s durian snow skin mooncake is made of fresh durian from the company’s durian farm in Malaysia. The icy snow skin pairs perfectly with the soft and textured durian flesh.

Price: HK$298-HK$688 depending on durian type

Sold in: Citysuper

4. Chocolate Mooncake

a) Chocolate mooncakes are a new breed of chocolate for chocolate lovers. It’s like biting into your favourite chocolate but in a cookie-sized chunk. Makes one wonder if a Chinese Willy Wonka invented it in his chocolate factory with his Oompa Loompas.

Lookout for:

b) Agnes B. fruity or nutty chocolate mooncakes

Price: HK$320 per box of 4, HK$220 per box of 2

Sold in: Agnes B IFC

c) Four Seasons nutty chocolate mooncakes

Price: HK$300 per box of 2

Sold in: Four Seasons IFC

A luxurious alternative is a mid-autumn hamper, beautifully packaged and filled with fruits, dried seafood, mooncakes, wine, chocolates. They are usually sold in supermarkets and hotels and need to be pre-ordered.

5. Social movement edition mooncakes

Wah Yee Tang Bakery mooncakes uses fun slogans such as “add oil” and “Hongkonger”. And here is another “don't touch my back’s” red bean paste; a joke originated from the police. These mooncakes celebrate and reflect HK’s current social situation.

If you have tried any yummy mooncakes, or anything Mid-Autumn festival related please feel free to tell us!

Last but definetely not the least, Localhood is co-organizing with other NGOs for a Mid-Autumn Festival street party on 8th September! There will be numerous stalls at Centre Street. Come for tasty food sharing, fun games, lantern quiz and more! It’s all free-of-charge! Perfect plan for a Sunday with neighbours, family and friends! 🏮🎊🎉

Check out our Facebook fan page: Local Hood Official or click here to for updates!!

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