Irene Li, the crocheting queen & Crafty Charity

“We have to talk about Irene LI and her group in our News Letter. She manages this small group which does such meaningful things through their interest in Knitting and Crocheting and helping those in need.” This was how Susan Nicholl, a Local Hood volunteer, introduced Irene LI and the group Crafty Charity to us at our Volunteers monthly meeting. We obviously wanted to know a bit more about this special group and its activities.

We got in touch with Irene and she straight away invited us to the upcoming Crafty Charity rendezvous at Starbucks, Central in Prosperity Tower.

At the lieu of the meeting, a friendly elegant English lady of Hong Kong origin greets us with a warm hello; all smiles in her 160 cm frame.

Irene is British born chinese, and grew