Hong Kong News-Expo @ History of Freedom of Media in HK

“Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication;” so states Article 27 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

Pic 1: Game of pretending to be a newsreader at Hong Kong News-Expo

Amidst the low public confidence in the government, some question the feasibility and sustainability of one country two systems. Well, the Hong Kong News-Expo which is funded with seed money of $5 million from the HK government is determined to show that it will staunchly showcase the freedom of the press.

Upon entering, you would be hard-pressed to find any tabloid or gossip columns of yore. This is a serious museum for those interested in major historical events in Hong Kong, including the May Fourth Movement, the landslide in the Mid-levels, Occupy Central and June 4th Incident (Tiananmen sqare incident). The museum was a former home of Dr. Sun Yat-sen who was christened here and later became a wet market. The museum seeks to present a balanced view of events and show the development of news media.