Ready Tea-ware & Cha: Care for a Cuppa😉?

Hong Kong is a perfect place for tea lovers! Hong Kong tea culture is a delightful blend of both the British tea culture and Chinese tea culture to develop it's own unique style of enjoying a cuppa Cha😉. Tea is a popular drink in Hong Kong and the people there enjoy it throughout the day - for breakfast, in the afternoon, and at dinner.

Along with obviously the tea itself the tea ware are an integral part of this culture. Indeed, tea drinking culture requires to brew and drink tea in a special designated tea ware.

We have gathered for you shops specializing in tea and tea ware in your Hood so you can trade your old tea mug for something more fancy. Ready tea-ware & Tea houses? Here we go! 😊

Yuan Yuan Tang

We were impressed by what we saw: the most exquisite Chinese tea and tea wares, as can be seen in the pics below. Attractive colors and divers styles will surely seduce you to reach out to touch them and buy...

It is also an excellent place to recharge and leave the relaxation to the Cha aroma filling up your senses. They sell a diverse range of Chinese tea on the menu in white, green, yellow, red and black!