Face-to-face with a drone

After another long day in the office, my eyes glued to my computer screen, it was time for me to take a break, look outside and dream a bit.

That's when i see this her in person...Our eyes interlock, neither of us says a word. I'd known they were a few in the area but never had i seen such a beauty before. I rub my eyes as unable to get enough of her.

Pic: Come fly with me (Source: Sense Air)

To my utter frustration and before our love encounter could even start, the drone flew away and returned docilely to his “master”, a young boy maneuvering it from the bottom of my building.

Following this brief face-to-face between the man and the machine, I wanted to fly it too: if a kid could do that, it was now my turn to become a pilot! But to do that I first had to have access to a Drone and some basic knowledge. Some of my colleagues, knowledgeable with Drones, suggested that I go to DJi’s flashy shop in Causeway Bay, the reference in town and globally when it comes to drones. I understood that in just a few years, DJi (NO AFFILIATION), a HK-founded company, has taken over the whole drone industry adopting Apple strategy: high-branded products offered at a relatively high price. I reckoned it was a perfect place for me to acquire my very first Drones.