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Going Antique and Vintage!

If you’ve walked down Hollywood Road, you wouldn’t have missed the numerous antique stores! Possibly intimidating at first look, we entered some of these stores and found that the salespeople/managers are actually quite welcoming and volunteering interesting information about their collections!

We rounded up a few authentic antique stores for the serious shopper and for those looking for some quirky curios/collectibles/souvenirs, we have some suggestions for you too! And since we are on the topic of antiques and vintage, why not check out some vintage watches as well! So, read on!

Bonnie Lai Antiquities

Started back in 1989 and specializes in Chinese antiquities made of terracotta, stone, porcelain and bronze. The oldest piece in this gallery is from the Neolithic period dating back to around 5,000 BC! The most unique piece is a white crystal marble Buddha torso from the Northern Qi period and their most popular items are the terra cotta horses from the Tang and Han dynasties (pictures below).

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6.30pm, Sunday By appointment

Address: G/F, 168A Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Friendship Trading Company

Started back in 1979 and specializes in Chinese porcelain. Their collection includes fine porcelain, pottery, fine arts and antiques – all from Mainland China. The oldest piece is an antique pottery horse made by a palace artist of the Tang dynasty. It is ~1,190 years old!

Also, check out their beautiful collection of Chinese porcelain vases!

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6.30pm

Address: 105-107, Hollywood Road, G/F, Hong Kong

Walk further down Hollywood Road and onto Tai Ping Shan Street and check out Gorgeous Art and Crafts for some antiques/souvenir pieces or InBetween for vintage items/collectibles. Also, check out Select 18 on Bridges Street for some incredibly quirky stuff!

Gorgeous Art and Crafts

49-59 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

The design on this tea pot symbolizes power with two lions staring into a money ball and a dragon carved on the spout of the tea pot!

Check out this cool lamp shade and the vintage collection (watches, teapots, mugs, posters etc.) at InBetween 6B Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Vintage stuff and collectibles at Select 18, 18 Bridges Street, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong

And then, stroll down Upper Lascar Row (aka Cat Street) and you might just find something unique from porcelain tea pots to old movie posters.

Fun Fact: It is called Cat Street because it is believed that at one point of time, stolen goods were common here and in Cantonese, stolen goods are called “Rats” and the people who buy them, Cats and hence, the nickname Cat Street! Check out for details

Berne Horology

Going further down to Queen’s Road Central, do not miss this unique third-generation antique store, run by horology enthusiasts.

Specializing in vintage watches from the 1960-80s, they sell unique models of brands such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Piaget, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin.

In addition, everything is covered from repairing to cleaning and polishing. Pieces come from overseas, usually from dealers or private customers. One can even find gold watches and silver tableware. For more details,

Check them out on Instagram @bernehorology.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm

Address: G/F 180 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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