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Pet Parents 🐶🐰😄

Sai Wan is home to pets of all kinds - Get to know some of them in this column.

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3 is a h💝art: Meet Cherry n her feline tribe 🐈😻

Being a Mother takes something special. Patience, love and selflessness which makes the time and commitment poured into your loved ones super rewarding. We all know someone who possesses those qualities, even if they may not have children themselves: Nurturing this special bond with human children or with their fur babies.

In the following 2 series on Pets of Saiwan, we profile such amazing parents who have a very special bond with their Pets.

These three stunning ginger rescue male cats are pets to Cherry CHU. Left: Java; In the middle is Pepper and on the right is Bone.

Initially, Cherry fostered two little brothers from the SPCA who could not be separated. Bringing them home fore the first time, she saw them just as cats and imagined that her role would be limited to essentially feeding and keeping their living space clean.

As Cherry watched them grow up, she found that without necessarily trying, she was ‘connecting without words’ to her cats. Indeed, they sensed her sadness and come to reassure her and .

For her, this felt like being their mother and Cherry accepted this as her role. Like her children, she would teach them how to behave. When disciplining them they would disapprove but then reluctantly yield to the commands with a "mewwww". At times they would wake her up in the middle of the night, just to complain about their food. Cats, like children, are also very innocent. They don’t understand how or why we express anger sometimes so there is a lot of learning how to communicate.

The last addition to the family came when Cherry decided to help a friend struggling with her cat. Without hesitation, Cherry scooped up the third ginger and brought him home. Although there was some a hierarchy to sort out at first, the cats were soon cuddling up together. Now, just like a parent with their child, her phone is filled with pictures of the cats too.

For Cherry, motherhood is not on the cards. She believes that ‘too many lives need help, lots of people and animals which need our love’. She continues 'My cats are like my children, my family. I always talk to them. They can feel the tone in your language and respond in their own way'.

Being a flight attendant, Cherry has to travel for work quite often. She misses them dearly when she travels and thinks of them a lot. Like any mother, she genuinely cares for their well-being and health, making sure that they have a loving company in guise of Cherry s mother who pet sits them when Cherry is away, makes sure the house is clean and they are getting healthy food.

These cats are lucky to have found a loving family who will look after them through thick and thin. It’s a wonderful story of adoption and love 💕💕 .

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