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Fiery 5 in Saiwan: 5 recommended spicy cuisine restaurants from China in our hood

Initially published in Mar 18. Updated and republished Mar 19

For me, a meal is not hot or tasty enough unless I’m dripping sweat as I eat. Growing up my favorite cuisines were Thai, Indian and Sichuanese. For those who are in the same boat and love eye watering spicy food, we’ve prepared a list of our fiery fives in the Saiwan neighborhood. Weak-hearted, steer clear :-)!

Some are a hole in the wall, super local. All are super good. We managed to have ourselves understood by the waiters in English in all the restaurants listed. Sometime a little assistance from a fellow client was welcome. Budget wise all are super affordable, between 100 - 200 HKD.

1.Cafe Hunan ($100-200)

Mentioned in the Michelin Guide 2019, this simplistic restaurant will have you feel like you went back to the 1950s version of Hunan. You can surely expect traditional Hunan cuisines and its local delicacies as the ingredients for the food are purchased from Hunan itself. Apparently, Ingredients such as chillies and smoked pork are sourced directly from farmers in Hunan. This restaurant is known for its infamous pot rice with pork as well as the barrel of farm dried wild veggies with rice which has a delectable taste and is super spicy. Perfect for those who want to taste pure Chinese culture and the unique cultural taste of Hunan itself.

Address: Shop B, G/F, Koon Wah Building, 420-424 Queen's Road West, Western District.

2.The red hot chili burrow restaurant (below $50)

If you’re on the go or if you’re just really busy but you still need some quality in your food, this restaurant is perfect for busy workers as there is less preparation time and quick service but still good quality and taste is still maintained throughout the dishes.The classic beef and chicken noodle soup serves as a delicacy, the tender beef soaked in the broth intensifies the flavour and just beautifully wraps up the whole dish together.

Address: G/F, 282 Queen's Road West, Sai Ying Pun,Western District.

3. Xiao Yu hotpot restaurant ($200-400)

If you’re looking for a date spot to spend with your significant other, this restaurant will definitely be a good choice. The price may be a bit costly for some but it’s actually worth it considering the quantity and quality of food being served, the staff are really accommodating and will immediately serve you a free white fungus soup once you’re seated. They also provide an array of other dishes that are guaranteed to make your mouth watery! 20% discount for lunch 12pm-5pm. (Dinner a la carte):5pm-11pm

Address: 1/F, Westview Height, 163 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town, Western District.

4.Andy’s hot pot restaurant ($200-400)

Looking to hosting some large parties? Well, this restaurant is just perfect for that; with a lot of space and suitable ambience, it’s usually crowded from around 6 to 7 at night but the wait is worth it when it comes to the tastiness of the the several traditional dishes such as rice pudding and rose shrimp balls where there is a fusion between the east and west, a rolled up shrimp ball is placed on rose petals and tastes just as good as it looks with a zesty, refreshing taste. Set lunch: 11:30-15;30. A la carte dinner: 17h-23h

Address: UG/F-G/F, Rex Building, 399-401 Queen's Road West, Western District.

5.Sichuan river restaurant ($100-200)

If you’re planning for a family night-out, you’re family will love this place as it’s perfect for kids and large groups with a casual ambience and it’s also suitable for lunch and dinner so your meals won’t all be the same throughout the day if you dine here more often.The Dan Dan noodles, garlic eggplant and dry pot chicken are all popular choices amongst customers, they are a rendition of different ancient dishes that have been served in the past so they’ve been modified to satisfy those late Sunday cravings!

Address: G/F, 62 Centre Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District.

Traditional Chinese restaurants have never failed to excite our taste buds despite being one of the many cuisines present in HK. So just give a try if you like them!

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