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Pets 🐶🐰 of Sai Wan 😄

Orginally Published in Mar 19. Republished Aug 19.

Sai Wan is home to pets of all kinds - Get to know some of them in this column.

If you want your dog, cat, rabbit, bird or other animal to be featured, write to us at and our team will get in touch.

Introducing Mango and Tango

These two stunning ginger rescue male cats are pets to Jess and Andrew Mizzi of Sai Ying Pun. Jess and Andrew adopted Mango & Tango, brothers from the same litter, from LAP Cats in SYP when they were just 4 months old.

Once the kittens came to the Mizzi's, they immediately made themselves at home and now the Mizzi's can’t imagine life without them!! How do the visitors tell the two kitties apart? It's all in the paws😉: Tango has white paws and Mango is more orange.

These two playful creatures love little Max, baby of the Mizzis. In fact, Tango is the first to greet Max in the morning by jumping in his crib and giving him a big loving headbutt. The cats are always seen curled up together, and are rarely apart.

The two boys, two year old now, love to play on the window sill and hide inside the laundry basket or the bottom of the wardrobe. They devour with passion all the goodies that their owner's buy from E-pet online store.

The family's wonderful helper is their pet sitter whenever the Mizzi's are away. Acorn Vet at Second Street is the trusted family vet!!

Max, Mango, Tango, Jess and Andrew are one happy family from Sai Ying Pun ♥♥♥.

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