Strong Women of Sai Wan

Today, we are celebrating womanhood!

You might have heard of some pretty amazing women in the business and more generally the professional world, it’s not often that women are highlighted for dominating in the world of strength. To mark this year’s international women’s day, we would like to introduce to you three inspiring women who are raising the bar for health and fitness on top of their 9-5 workdays!

Strength and conditioning exercises can used purely in competitions or as extra strength training in a huge range of different sports. For those who are new to these strength sports, here is a rough breakdown:

Powerlifting - Involves 3 types of lifts; Squats, bench press and deadlift. The goal is a lifting as much as you can on a barbell loaded with weight plates in 3 attempts. These lifts are also often used as training in other strength sports.