Important pointers for shopping at the dried seafood market this CNY ♥♥

Ever wondered about the strange slightly musky, preserved smells of the dried seafood shops in the area? Chinese New Year holidays is the perfect time to be a bit adventurous and celebrate in the local way by venturing into a dried seafood shop on the hunt.

While Chinese dried goods like preserved sausages (臘腸), ham (金華火腿), dried fish maw 花膠, dried sea cucumber (海參), dried scallop are an acquired taste and take quite some time to select and prepare, some retail shops and restaurants sell pre-packaged and pre-cooked Chinese New Year traditional dishes made from such ingredients.

First and foremost, a few facts for the newcomer to dried seafood shopping:

  1. Dried Seafood shops are an awesome place to get beans, nuts and frozen seafood at wholesale or near-wholesale prices. Beans and nuts are sometimes available in big tubs so bring your own jar for a low waste lifestyle. If you can’t find something—just ask! For price comparison, refer to below weight measurements:

One catty (一斤)shown on most price signs = 600 grams = 0.6 kg

So, when you see HK$56 for one catty (一斤)of cashew nuts (edible straight or can be cooked for kungpao chicken), that means you’re paying HK$56 for 600 grams (or 0.6 kg) of cashews.