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Commitment FREE Fitness for FREE 👏👍or almost..

Fitness tops most people’s list of New Year to-dos but it’s hard to squeeze in time for it in Hong Kong with a long-term time and money commitment. Most of the Fitness classes cost a bomb and lock us in for months.

Committing to sports plus all our current commitments in work, family, friends, pets, socializing etc. leaves little for me-time. Here are some free/ low-fee and low commitment sports ideas:

1. Crazy Dancing in the Dark

“No Lights No Lycra” facebook page regularly hosts pay as you go clubbing dance sessions in the dark.

Held: Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, High Street

Date: Regularly once a month. Join FB page for details.

Time: 8 pm-9 pm,

For details:

Photo credits: www.

2. Tai Chi/ Sword Fighting:

Wear your best kung fu-style clothing and get a Tai Chi sword and join the Tai Chi masters, sword fighting masters in Sun Yat Sen park from 6 am-7:30 am on weekdays.

3. Localhood associated fitness providers:

a) Cherry Yoga and Fitness: Cherry is an experience yoga instructor and organises "pay as you wish" community yoga with an aim to let more people to get to know about yoga and its mental and physical benefits. Type of yoga I teach is Vinyasa yoga which emphasises on linking the breath with your movement, to union your body, mind and soul. For details and schedule:

b) Primal Fit: The Briton Ian Colley of Primal Fit, is a great personal trainer and a nutrition advisor. His services is all super affordable with the good deal that Primal offers to Localhooders. For detaiks, check out: For details:

4. LCSD sports programmes:

Another sports and Fitness service provider we highly recommend are the LCSD sports programme.

For free classes in “Central and Western district:

To sign up for FREE recreation / sports program for the next 7 days:

Recos: children’s dance classes (on weekends, no parents allowed).

5. Badminton Meetup:

For badminton lovers, there is a dedicated group that meets regularly in our hood.

Held: Sheung Wan or Sun Yat Sen Park

6. Running/ Training Community: Held: Sun Yat Sen Park Time: 7 am (usually) Points to note: Wear better quality sports clothes. Mainly expat/ overseas joiners.

For details: :

7. Fitness Sessions on Social Media:

a) 郑多燕 (Zheng Duo Yan) a 52-year-old Korean mommy of 2, she is a legendary aerobics dance teacher. Her Korean Youtube videos are easy to follow with hot music and hot people. Some samples here: and

b) Pilates: Get a sustainable yoga mat and pilates ring and follow “The Balanced Life Pilates with Robin Long” on Youtube. She has a friendly voice and explains the purpose of the exercises.

c) Parent and Child ExercisesYou can exercise with your baby or kid. Recos: “Total Body Circuit:You can Do with Your Kids!” by “Workout Hotel” and “Baby and Me Interval Workout” by “Nancy Taylor”. Usual precautions apply and be aware of your kid/ baby’s ability.

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