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Blog Article The hood from an artist's ey👁

Urmila Menon is an urban sketcher and artist living in Kennedy town. In this section, Urmila takes us through different parts of the central & western district - our hood - and shares her very personal take on it.


Sai Ning Street, Kennedy Town

I was sitting in the park and doing my writing when I looked up to catch a break. Just then I saw this perfect composition, the red taxis, lush green background and a spotless sky on a breezy day! Never did the hues in a visual weave so well together!I had to capture this colourful tapestry.

Don't you just love the parks here? I find it the perfect place to write, observe people, sketch, relax and meditate!

Which is you favourite park in the hood?


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IG : @urmimenon

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