Kirsten’s Zoo: A Foster Home for cats N🐶

Nov 2018. Republished Oct '19

Back home in England, Kirsten Mitchell grew up watching her mother always carrying a shopping basket with dog and cat food, making sure no strays she came upon, ever went hungry. When Kirsten moved to Hong Kong the sorry plight of cats and dogs in the poorly managed and unhygienic ‘prison-like’ animal shelters in the city, made her set out on a mission to ensure, that every abandoned cat and dog in the city, found a loving and comfortable home.

Kirsten was a school teacher but her busy schedule did not prevent her from starting-off this initiative 18 years ago, to ensure the welfare of abandoned animals. Finally, in 2008, Kirsten’s Zoo Limited became a non-profit, volunteer run animal rescue organisation (Charity reg. no 91/12599) that provides safe shelter and medical care to abandoned, surrendered, neglected and often abused animals. The animals are taken in, spayed/neutered and provided with all the necessary medical care. They are then placed in foster homes until they are adopted. As Kirsten says,” if one truly has their heart in something, they always find a way to make things happen.”

6 week old Chinese mixed breed dog from Magazine Gap Road with little boy Tas