Sharing your blessing with the underprivileged through volunteering

In our own busy lives many of us forget that we don't need a specific date to thank the lord/ the supreme being, universe, destiny or whatever it is that you believe in for the privileges that we have. There are many out there, for whom life is not a celebration but a succession of struggles. Thankfully, there are various big and small charitable institutions that work tirelessly to make life better for them.

With the World Poverty Eradication day upon us and the Thanksgiving season around the corner, lets all resolve to share a slice of our good fortune by supporting one of the many small lessor known neighborhood charities we have listed below, most of which are on HK Island.

You can donate money or give a helping hand in any of these charities. These are fueled purely by the passion and efforts of a few individuals and would definitely benefit from your support.

Saint Barnabas Society & Home: Saint Barnabas acts as a friend and a companion to the "homeless," reaching out to them and walking with them, with love and without judgement, through their bumpy lives. It aims to create a caring community where there is opportunity for fellowship. At the center, those in need can receive food, shelter, and counselling assistance.

If you wish to donate any items, please give them a call or email to arrange a pick-up or drop-off time. They currently especially need: Men's pants (S,L or XL) / Canned Food ( fish, chicken, pork, beef, beans) / Biscuits. If you wish to give Monetary Donations, please send a crossed cheque payable to "Saint Barnabas' Society and Home"