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Getting Crafty in Sai Wan: LocalHood’s Guide to Craft Brewery’s

It can seem impossible in the heat of Hong Kong summers to even step out of our homes without melting, thankfully for those of us in Sai Wan there are plenty of places offering beautiful, tranquil, calming air conditioning – and of course craft beer to quench our thirst.

From Sheung Wan to Kennedy Town, Hong Kong’s West island side is home to many bars and beer shops that feature impressive and extensive craft beer options. Here at LocalHood we did some investigating to find out which one’s were home to our favourites.

Mrs. Pound, 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan,

Mrs. Pound is everyone’s favourite secret, disguised as a locksmith in Sheung Wan. The neon-pink and green reminds us of the slick 1980’s Miami Vice, but somehow cooley mixed in with a burlesque Moulin Rouge twist. We were soon introduced to their quaint but fantastic beer menu, which featured many light craft beers. A perfect place to take your friend who’s reluctant to shy away from spirits, and craves something sweet. For beer lovers we recommend Brewlander Love WILD IPA from Singapore, and for those acquiring beer taste buds the Napoleone Apple Cider from Australia. And what goes better with beer? Help wash it down with cheeseburger spring rolls and avocado fries!

Craftissimo, 22-24 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan

Also to be found in Sheung Wan, is Craftissimo. At first glance you will see nestling between it’s T & S is a perfectly placed I shaped as a beer bottle. Once inside Craftissimo it can be hard not to be overwhelmed by their incredible selections, that include brews from 17 different countries and prices starting at $32. If you find yourself struggling to make a decision, they also have a website in which you can place your order from the convenience of your own home (or wherever you prefer to steal wifi). Our LocalHooder Bailey is inclined to grab anything brewed with honey or bitter fruits, such as the Mayday Hills Honey from Australia and Germany’s Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin.

Craft Brew & Co., 36 High Street, Sai Ying Pun

Making our way over to Sai Ying Pun, we visited our partner Craft Brew & Co. Over at Craft they are never shy to invite you in for Happy Hour, which is the perfect welcome after walking up Centre Street. Proudly proclaiming “Craft Not Crap” they take educating their patrons about beer seriously! The atmosphere of the bar I friendly and lively, providing as nostalgic space resembling the bars scattered around university campuses. And after two pints of the Stone Brewing IPA 6.9%, this LocalHood writer was remembering what it was like to be nineteen again.

Little Creatures, 5A New Praya Kennedy Town

Making our way West we arrived in Kennedy Town’s, Little Creatures. This spacious Australian bar and brewery just celebrated their second birthday in Hong Kong, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them (and us)! Highlighting their love for hoppy beers, Little Creatures gives Kennedy Town a great assortment of their fine experimental brews. Lucky for us, they also sell to-go packs inside the restaurant, and offer an online shop. Their Fresh Crowler is a challenge at 946ML’s but one we gladly took on. It’s not every day that a girl gets to drink from a beer can longer than her head. The trick isn’t to get tired of the beer, it’s drink it while it remains its perfect temperature.

A huge thanks to Little Creatures for providing us with the beautiful Instagram photo

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