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New Vendor On Board- Restaurant Konfusion, Sheung Wan

Located in Sai Wan, opposite Queens Terrace, its bright Red Exterior are quite conspicuous. Konfusion a peculiar name for a restaurant you might think but one look through their menu and you have another think coming. Contrary to its name, there is a lot of clarity in the food menu serving Comfort food with Italian inspiration. We were spoilt for choice, finally hesitating between the crispy thin pizza for sharing between us or back BBQ Ribs with fries.

We meet up with, Ian D'souza, the owner of Konfusion Bar-Restaurant, and a seasoned entrepreneur in the F&B space.

What is your vision with opening another restaurant in Sheung Wan? He talks while we listen.

Hong Kong has become one of the most expensive cities in recent time. The prices of Food and drinks have gone through the roof. Our mission is to provide a place where people can come and relax and also get value for money.

This is evident from our A la Carte Menu / Bar & Snack Menu and our Happy hour offers. Where in Hong Kong you can get a 3hr Free Flow for Bottle beer / House Wines for $128/person. i.e. less then US20/person. We want our customers to come and enjoy the moment with their friends and families, letting us by provide a friendly service.

So, What differentiates Konfusion other than the good value for money, from its peers?

Ivan says without hesitation that he takes pride in having a very friendly team who is always there to assist clients in their experience at Konfusion. Not always the case many a popular restaurants in Hong Kong.

Additionally, he also points out to the interior design of Konfusion. The way Konfusion has designed its bar area, gives the diners, the option of having drinks separately in the bar area, while waiting for their date / loved ones and moving onto the dinner seating area, once they are ready to dine.

Responding to their motivation in associating with LocalHood, Ivan says the Localhood, connecting HK neighborhoods venture is one of its kind start up. Due to its closeness to the neighborhood community, it can indeed by valuable to both neighbors as well as neighborhood businesses. For vendors, our target is having pleased customers. Even more so if the customer is living close by- in the hood, as they are the ones most susceptible to become loyal customers. Valuable comments and feedback especially from our regular clients can help us make our venue even better and their support to help spread our name can be very helpful to us.

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