A Stingy Foodie's guide to the Western District's TOP 5 restaurants in the Michelin Guide 20

So I recently calculated how much of my salary I was spending on food... have you done this? Well you shouldn't because it's absolutely ridiculous! Ok, not as ridiculous as rent, but still! I am a believer in the fact that eating good food should be a democratic pleasure and not reserved to the clients of some fancy restaurants. So, I decided to do both my pockets and my palate a favor: I went through the 2018 Michelin Guide (not Stars), scouring for that magic combo of good value and good quality restaurants. Ok fine, I did it for myself but happy to share with the community.

1. Cafe Hunan/Chinese/SYP - HK$100-200

Hunan has always been proud of its gastronomical heritage, and this young chef is the one carrying the baton in this busy city of ours. To ensure authenticity, all ingredients are come directly from the source: a farm in Hunan!

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2. Cafe Siam/ Thai/SYP -HK$100-200

Cafe Siam is the only Michelin-recognized Thai restaurant in Hong Kong. Top Tip: -Make sure you try out the Pad thai, Grilled whole seabass and the Sago and coconut cream wrapped in pandan leaves in dessert. -Thanks to its association with LocalHood, on presentation of your LocalHood IDs you get 30% off the bill (a la carte + drinks) from Mon-Fri...So for the next dine out venue, its worth every penny we'd say!! 3. Kaum/Indonesian/SYP - HK$200-400

Well priced with generous portions, this gem is a mix of everything Indonesian, with an attractive main dining room, beautiful Toraja tiles, communal tables and even a music room!

Top tip: Make sure you try out their bamboo dishes!

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4. Sheung Hei Dim Sum/Cantonese/Kennedy Town - HK$50-100

One of those quick Dim Sum places to fill those cravings on a Sunday morning… or indeed anytime as its open 24 hours! Of these MSG-free treats the dumplings are the recommendation but we know we each have our favourites so you should just order that!

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5. Shugetsu Ramen/Japanese/Central - HK$50-100

If you don’t like queues might be best to avoid this one… but they’re there with good reason: the noodles are home-made and the broth is slow cooked over 18 months in a 100 year old wooden basket which ads flavour and depth! Just, wow.

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