Films you should watch, the face-off edition: Infernal Affairs V. The Departed

So we finally got the chance to take a quick breather from our LocalHooding and find some time to unwind, and what better way to wind down then over a good film, so after what seemed like a lifetime it came down to two films; Infernal Affairs & The Departed. The latter being a remake of Infernal Affairs by esteemed film maker Martin Scorsese of which he won his first Oscar. So instead of just settling on one we decided to ask someone (unbiased) who had seen both, and after much deliberation and elaboration we not only managed to get an interview with this lovely fellow but he gave us one hell of an analysis in end ending our debate over which film we should see and also you should see. So according to some random drunk backpacker he settled the score and helped us answer the looming question of which one to watch over a glass of vino? INFERNAL AFFAIRS or THE DEPARTED?

Pacing, Editing & Style

Clocking in at a neat 100 minutes INFERNAL AFFAIRS is the perfect concisely timed vehicle for the director Andrew Lau & Allan Mak to tell their story, creating a very intense and suspenseful crime drama with no time for the viewer to catch their breath. The editing is constant and dynamic, with plenty of zoom ins and close-ups. This type of style can get tiresome, but meshed so well with the movie's kinetic pace that in this case, it didn't.

However THE DEPARTED is a mere 151 minutes Scorsese keeps his camera more stable and grounded, giving his film a much slower pace evident in i