Know your neighbor: Andrea Richey

Dressed smart in capris, black jacket and a big smile, the US born Andrea has a determined, focused & friendly demeanor. SYP resident...

EASY NITE HIKE🚶🏻🏃‍♀️ TO THE PEAK with Pat Fong: Fri, 23rd Oct, 7:30pm

LocalHood, connecting HK neighbourhoods invites you to join Pat Fong on a NITE HIKE TO THE VICTORIA PEAK Social distancing rules will apply. Date: Fri, 23rd Oct Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Level & Duration: Beginners - 2 hours. Going and Coming on Foot Optional: If they don't want to come down the peak on Foot, participants are free to take public buses back to Central from the Peak Galleria. NOTE: For those interested, after our efforts we will go for a quick bite/drink Meeting Point: 7:20pm at the crossing Bonham Road-Centre Street To Register: NOTE: Please wear hiking friendly attire. Carry mosquito repellents for protection. Don't forget to carry Water wit

In Pics: Hong Kong then and now

Old pictures of Hong Kong are fascinating. History of this amazing city is curved in facades of old buildings. People walking the streets, dressed in completely different fashion, boats so close to the harbor and hills so visible and full of wild, tropical greenery. I moved to Hong Kong from Paris where every urbanistic decision was meticulously, intentionally planned. Nothing was left to the faith or even to good or bad taste of its inhabitants. And Paris today looks almost exactly like the one envisioned by Baron Haussmann at the end of XIX century. In contrast, Hong Kong is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same. Old buildings are replaced by new ones, taller ones. And only few of th

Pokfulam Village Fire Dragon Parade

Since 2018 I participate in the Pokfulam Village Fire Dragon Festival and would like to share briefly with you the story behind it. If you have more to share, we love to hear from you!! In the late 19th century, there was a plague in Pokfulam Village. The villagers made a “dragon” to pray for illness to go away and parade with it to essentially “clean” the village. The plague was since long gone but the tradition of parading with the Dragon has been kept alive. Today, the tradition has become a major event of the village. In 2017, it was listed onto The Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong. You may have heard that Fire Dragon is on Mid-Autumn Festival Day. In

Food wastage no more!!

Food wastage isn’t a new concept. We see in recent years, protecting environment has become a big issue around the world. We are educated to produce less rubbish and are familiar with the 5R life. On the other hand, we may not aware of the rubbish volume we produce. Let’s briefly discuss how we waste and how much we waste. Let’s briefly discuss how we waste and how much we waste. To start with a small but pertinent example that will speak to all coffee lovers: When you enjoy a cup of coffee, have you thought about the corresponding waste that emerges? Pic: internet If you use capsule, then you would have the empty capsule and coffee ground to throw away. If you order at coffee shop, you woul

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