Authentic Hong Kong Movies, you will L❤️VE!!

Hong Kong movies are not all about Kung Fu, fighting and bloodshed. There are movies made in Hong Kong which seek to enlighten audiences on the real Hong Kong daily life and social issues. In case you too are a movie buff and enjoy true representation of Hong Kong life and society in the 7th art, here are 7 of our recommendations: 1. Still Human (淪落人) (running time: approx. 2 hours, Cantonese with Eng subtitles) Still from the film (Courtesy of Cinema Escapist website at A young pretty Philippino finds herself working as a domestic helper for a grumpy Hong Kong man (played by Anthony Wong Chau-sang) in a wheelchair. The wheelchair-bound man living in a tiny public hou

Optimism and Hope: Creating the Magic of Psychotherapy

We are going through some extraordinarily trying times. Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and stressed for more reasons that we can count. What is important to keep faith that this is a phase which too shall pass and good times will be here again. Speaking about one's feelings is of utmost importance be it to family, friends or maybe a friendly neighbour. Some of us might be toying with the idea of speaking to a professional. This could be a suitable option, as we can read in this interesting article here. interesting piece on the topic by Tim Hoffman, contributing author is a psychotherapist based in Hong Kong. -------------------------------------- “Treat a man as he appears to be, and y

Perspectives of a random HKer @ April Yu

April Yu is a digital painter residing in HK. Different perspectives opens up our minds. This is her way of thinking and she expresses it through her paintings. "Tik Tok is a place for short funny videos, dig yoga, cooking videos, funny cat videos for most of us But it is a source of “hate trump” videos, a subject to get back to the trade war for US, a “me too” to try if it can harvest any residual benefit, for India. For some others, It is normal to buy and sell a company, just watch out for the “copy acquire kill ” kind; I have my fingers crossed, for Tik Tok". #digitalart #microsoft #tiktok #ticktokmemes #creativepaintings #applepencilart

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