Parent-Kid Yoga session @ Sat, 25th July, 10-10:45am: CANCELLED @ GOVT GUIDELINES

LocalHood & Cherry Yoga invite you to join us for another fun and fitness filled Kid n Adult Yoga session. Date and Time: Saturday, the 25th July 10am-10:45 am Venue: Island Crest Yoga room, 2nd street, Sai Ying Pun Special Price for LocalHooders: 150 hkd to be paid through Payme to LocalHood: 61098138, for confirmed participation. If participation not confirmed full reimbursement will be given. Limited participation on First Come First basis. Registration Mandatory:

NITE HIKE🚶🏻🏃‍♀️ TO Bowen Road Trail for beginners @ Sat, 11th July

Join LocalHood connecting HK neighbourhoods on a NITE HIKE TO Bowen Road Trail. Social distancing rules will apply. Date: Sat, 20th of July Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Level & Duration: Beginners - 2 hours. Itinerary: Bowen Road Fitness Trail, pass by Lover's Rock. End at Peak Cafe Bar Shelley Street Meeting Point: 7:50pm outside Bookazine, inside Pacific Place 3 For those who would like to: Drinks at Soho at end of the hike 🥂🍻 To Register: NOTE: Please wear hiking friendly attire. Carry mosquito repellents for protection Carry Water with you. ------------------------------------

Lost connections: The Real Cause of Depression

It’s generally accepted wisdom that people are more anxious and unhappy today than in the past, and that this is a result of the busy, stressed modern world we all live in. That pressure and stress has led to record levels of depression and anxiety. Perhaps that’s true. But walking through the Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley made me realize how uncertain life was even a hundred years ago. The grounds are filled with tombs of people cut down in the prime of life — 20’s and 30’s — not to mention dozens of children’s graves as well. So when we talk about the stress of today’s world, surely there’s no comparison. After all, what could be more stressful than seeing your friends and family

5 Iconic streets in HK Island

We all know that Hong Kong has a rich history of culture, traditions and economic exchange that has resulted in a mixed-pot diversity within our communities. Though a lot of the "old" has been unfortunately destroyed, there is thankfully a lot of Hong Kong history in it's streets. The streets and roads are littered with small remnants of the past that give a specialized emphasis in the present, we learn about Hong Kong through our experiences with it, its history is ingrained in every detail! From city planning to antique stores to war memorials and temples, Hong Kong today is a fusion of the past, present and future. Delve into the beauty of Hong Kong by checking out these iconic streets in

Perspectives of a random HKer @ April Yu

April Yu is a digital painter residing in HK. Different perspectives opens up our minds. This is her way of thinking and she expresses it through her paintings. "The extradition bill says; It allows transfer of Fugitives to juridiction with which HK does not have extradition deal; There is little level of detail, too much room for imagination; I guess time will tell...while we write the history!!" #extraditionbill #extraditionlaw #hongkong #hongkongprotest #2020isawriteoff #creativepaintings #creativepaintings #A4arthk

LocalHood goes Dumpling tasting, customary for Dragon Boat Fest 😀😀

Originally published: May 2019 Edited & Re-published: June 2020 Pic 1: Getting sticky with the Dumplings Summer is rolling on quickly. Our first holiday of the season is the Tuen Ng Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival. During this festival normally crowds gather to watch teams race through the waters of many Hong Kong bays. This year due to the Covid issues, the Dragon Boat races had to be cancelled. Along with the race, there is another interesting specificity of this festival, which thankfully many will be enjoying despite Corona. Indeed, for those who are not aware another important tradition for this festival is eating ‘zhongzi’ - pyramid shaped glutinous rice dumplings filled w

Museum of Medical Sciences, Sheung Wan

Even with the advancement of modern technology and our latest medical systems, COVID-19 is not completely under control up to now. This may make some of us wonder about epidemics and how we controlled epidemics that happened over a century ago? How did people overcome it then? If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself or want your young-lings to understand, then the HKMMS is THE place to go visit. Located in Caine Lane, an Edwardian era architecture (a popular architectural style while King Edward VII of the UK was in office) stands out from the green. Buildings of this era are usually grand, built with red bricks; less complex compared to other eras. Hong Kong Museum of Me

Father's Day Series : Dads that C😋😋K (1/3)

In this series of articles, LocalHood volunteer @Sze Yeen, an avid cook herself, speaks to 3 fathers of the community that love to cook for their family. These are regular fathers, not professionally cooks or even working in the F&B sector just those who enjoy sharing their love for cooking with those they love most in their lives. In the first profile of this Father's Day Series, Sze speaks about food, the love for making a meal and the origin of his love for cooking, with Victor George Paddy. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL FATHERS...ALL AWESOME IN THEIR OWN WAY 😎👍🏻!!! Read on in Victor's own words.... -------- I have long been our family’s Sunday dinner doer, the once-a-week author of garlic-

Grinding the coffee beans

Lots of local vendors are sadly closing shop as the direct consequence of loss of business linked to the Corona Virus pandemic. We feel however, that there are more and more coffee shops newly opened in town. If you're a coffee lover but practicing social distancing and limiting your outings, you need not venture out!! With simple tools you can become a “home barista”. What you'll need are good coffee beans which are easy to at many places such as supermarkets and coffee shops. Unlike espresso machine which occupies a lot of space, home brew can be simple and affordable. Making coffee is very personal very subjective and there is no absolute standard for the recipe. Everyone’s preference var

“This too shall pass”: Uncertain times for UNI ready students

Universities, the temples of higher education are taking the big hit from the Covid Pandemic. There is still uncertainty for many institutions with regard to when and how the intake session 2020-21 will happen. Hong Kong’s major universities do not expect the delay in the release of the DSE results this year to affect admissions. Adjustments by HKU include application for September 2020 intake to remain open until end August 2020. Internationally, MIT has cancelled information sessions and tours for prospective students and its on-campus admissions office is also closed indefinitely. In the UK, the University of Cambridge has already revealed that they won’t be holding in-person lectures unt

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