Perspectives of a random HKer @ April Yu

April Yu is a digital painter residing in HK. Different perspectives opens up our minds. This is her way of thinking and she expresses it through her paintings. "The stock chart goes like a slide\ Up & down....your heart goes mad Don't is really just a stop in the ride It will go up again I promise...and we'll be glad So, just make sure to stop at crash site So we can take a group snap." #stockmarket #HXEx #trumpstimulus #digitalillustration #creative #creativepainting #stockmarketcrash #dowjonesindex#selfie #worldnews #worldnewstonight #poemoftheday. @mothersday @instagram @gratitude @insta_of_today @ @creativesaroundtheworld @creativemorningshk

Vlog @ Explorer Ania: Discovering HK's lesser known gem

Get to know a less known gem of Hong Kong with LocalHood volunteer, Anna Pakula. In her series of Hidden Gems of our Home Kong, this time explorer Anna Pakula takes us to another beautiful site on the HK Island and gives a sneak peak into the HKU Alumni Garden. The garden was created in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to recognize the contributions made by the alumni over the past 50 years!! The landscaping of the gardens will relax you in no time. Take a virtual look here and go visit for the zen experience😊🤩...

Fresh Veggies: Delivered On Your Doorstep

Initially published: 13 May 2019 Updated: 28 April 2020 With hot weather here to stay we are often thinking of big, healthy and fresh salad on our plates at meal times. But how can we make it happen especially after a long day at work at home or in the office with no time or taste for grocery shopping? And in addition, even if we want to up our vegetable consumption we can’t always find sources of fresh, chemical free (or low) produce from local sources. Here are some easy, home fresh fruit and vegetable home delivery solutions for you! Dig in and make the most of all the health benefits fruit and vegetables can offer. No need to compromise on diet if you can’t get to the shops. We have comp

Save, Reuse & Compost

Originally posted: May 2018 Edited n re-posted: May 2020 Its World Environment Day on the 5th of June. Despite the clearly increased awareness about decreasing waste and it's management, the waste per capita continues be high in Hong Kong. According to the HK government statistics from 2018, "Overall, the average daily quantity of solid waste disposed of at landfills was 16 096 tonnes in 2018...the daily Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) disposal rate would be 1.50 kilograms per capita in 2018....Looking at the figures by waste type, food waste was the largest component of MSW in 2018, accounting for 31 per cent, followed by waste paper (24 per cent) and waste plastics (21 per cent). " One way to

NITE HIKE🚶🏻🏃‍♀️ TO THE PEAK for beginners @ Sat, 6th June

Join LocalHood connecting HK neighbourhoods on a NITE HIKE TO THE VICTORIA PEAK Social distancing rules will apply. Date: Sat, 6th of June Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Level & Duration: Beginners - 2 hours. Going and Coming on Foot Optional: If they don't want to come down the peak on Foot, participants are free to take public buses back to Central from the Peak Galleria. Meeting Point: 7:50pm at the crossing Bonham Road-Centre Street To Register: NOTE: Please wear hiking friendly attire. Carry mosquito repellents for protection. Carry Water with you. ------------------------------------

Kids B🧒🏼👦🏽k Club & Crafts gr🧒🏼up

With home schooling & Social distancing measures, our younger friends are bored stiff 😒😒and craving for some fun🎉🥳!! Team #Localhoodofficial connecting HK neighbourhoods initiative, is happy to invite your kiddies to our FREE ON-LINE Book Club & Craft group 🤩🤩. In this session, LocalHood volunteer @WinnieTse will read a story to the kids and teach them how to make paper flowers.#Beatthevirus #Downwithcorona Recommended age for this session: 4-7yrs!! Date: Sat, 20th June; 10am onwards via ZOOM( appx1 hr) In the Kids Club: Winnie will read a book Look Inside Science (Usborne) & In Craft, we will make a Toy Parachute Yippiee....:-) THINGS YOU WILL NEED FOR CRAFT: Dinner sized napkin, cle

Let's C🍽️🍽️k with LocalHood

LocalHood Official 🎉🥳 invites LocalHood Volunteers & friends to its FREE ON-LINE Wednesday's Lunch with LocalHood 👩🏼‍🍳👨🏽‍🍳. In this session every 2 weeks, until the Corona keeps us home, you will learn how to make a new dish, dessert starter or drinks 😋💯. Next session: Wed 6th of May with Chef Sze Yeen Time: 12pm onwards What's cooking? Gado-Gado Salad (Veg OR Non-Veg). Ideal for this heat!! Participants: LocalHood volunteers & invitees ONLY Details will be send to the invitees by EMAIL To get an invite: Whatzaap 61098138 or e-mail: ------------------------------------

Ramadan in Corona era: What & How?

Muslims all over the world are observing Ramadan. Ramadan is the name of the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is a holy month where Muslims observe fasting for 30 days. In Pic: Inside Kowloon Mosque before social distancing measures (photo credit: Latifah Sat) During this period, Muslims wake up for their pre-dawn meal called suhoor at around 4am before praying the obligatory morning prayer called fajr. The fast is broken with a meal called iftar, which is typically eaten together with family or friends or in the mosque. Fasting literally means abstaining from food and drink (yes, even water) from sunrise till sunset. Evenings are characterised by spiritual activity. The end of Ra

Exam Special: Self-study tips while social distancing

Recently a lot of people are staying at home more often due to social distancing rules. Some of us need to progress on your study. This especially if you are a student studying for an upcoming public exam, or a working professionals studying for professional exams. A lot of us have the habit to study outside, either in library or cafes as we find ourselves being more productive when we are in these environment. And now that we tend to stay home more often, how do we keep up with the study momentum? Here are a few tips that I provide that will help you make real progress. 1. Understand what makes you study effectively There is actually no one single way that can make you study effectively, ev

Perspectives of a random HKer @ April Yu

April Yu is a digital painter residing in HK. Different perspectives opens up our minds. This is her way of thinking and she expresses it through her paintings. "She is a six letter word, a person that brings you to the world, prepares you for the world and gives you to the world. Selflessly!! Mother, I am so in awe of your grace and thankful for your unshakable faith in me. I don’t say this often, but you are the best thing that ever happened to me" @mothersday @instagram @gratitude @insta_of_today @ @creativesaroundtheworld @creativemorningshk

Art of living in Quarantine @ Home Kong

Walking through the Sun Yat Sen park one morning, my daughter notices the birds chirping and remarks. “Social distancing is good for us and the environment; Greta Thunberg must be smiling…but Quarantine is a whole different story isn’t it? Even when international travel resumes, I imagine Quarantining will be required. Are any of the quarantined, happy about being stuck up at home?” She asks. The only answer she was obviously expecting was absolutely not! I was not sure of what to say so over the next week or so, I reached out to a few people who could share their quarantine experience to let us know what they went through. David, a HK born American entrepreneur resident of Mid-levels was th

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