Perspectives of a random HKer @ April Yu

April Yu is a digital painter residing in HK. Different perspectives opens up our minds. This is her way of thinking and she expresses it through her paintings. "I am not a bad parent I am just being practical here I am able to work While the boys are having fun... As I am giving pizza 🍕🍕🍕for dinner, as ransom" #coronaviruspainting #coronavirus #workfromhome #workfromhomemom #workfromhomelife #creative #digitalillustration

Vlog @ Ania: Discovering HK's lesser known gem

Get to know a less known gem of Hong Kong with LocalHood volunteer , Ania Pakula. Anna gives us a sneak peek into the University of Chicago Hong Kong complex, situated at the picturesque site of the former Victoria Road Detention Centre .

You are not alone : Social distancing ideas to help us fight Covid-19 together

I feel very fortunate being in Hong Kong right now. There is no lockdown order and yet new Covid-19 cases are under control. No new case was reported for the first time on 20th April. Yaay!!!! However, SCMP 21st April quoted a government spokesman saying “The most important component in the government’s anti-epidemic work right now is to stop the import of the virus, as well as its spread in the community”. This means social distancing will stay for a while. I thought it might help to share experiences to help us feel we are not alone while we pracise social distancing in the coming weeks. Here are stories from me and 5 other Localhood volunteers. Like many others who are bored at home and

Fostering a child in Hong Kong

Initally published: 30 Sept 2019 Updated: 28 April 2020 I was a fulfilled mother with 2 happy confident primary school kids and a happy marriage. I remembered distinctly that typical HK autumn day 18 months ago like it was yesterday. I came home from school where I work as a teacher. I had had a tiring day and with the same thought going on in my mind again like every day since the past month. That night, after giving it much thought I voiced it out to my husband, Zolas. What did he think about becoming a foster parent? Zolas had numerous fears and logical concerns. To start with he was happy with how our family was going and wasn’t sure we would have the time to devote to a third child who

Let's C🍽️🍽️k with LocalHood

LocalHood Official 🎉🥳 invites LocalHood Volunteers & friends to its FREE ON-LINE Wednesday's Lunch with LocalHood 👩🏼‍🍳👨🏽‍🍳. In this session every 2 weeks, until the Corona keeps us home, you will learn how to make a new dish, dessert starter or drinks 😋💯. Next session: Wed 6th of May with Chef Sze Yeen Time: 12pm onwards What's cooking? Wan Tan Mee Malaysian style (Veg OR Non-Veg) Participants: LocalHood volunteers & invitees ONLY To get an invite: Whatzaap 61098138 or e-mail: ------------------------------------

Kids B🧒🏼👦🏽k Club & Crafts gr🧒🏼up

With home schooling & Social distancing measures, our younger friends are bored stiff 😒😒and craving for some fun🎉🥳!! Team #Localhoodofficial connecting HK neighbourhoods initiative, is happy to invite your kiddies to our FREE ON-LINE Book Club & Craft group 🤩🤩. In this session, LocalHood volunteer @WinnieTse will read a story to the kids and teach them how to make paper flowers.#Beatthevirus #Downwithcorona Recommended age for this session: 4-7yrs!! Date: Sat, 9th May; 10am onwards via ZOOM( appx1 hr) Registration: ------------------------------------

Masking the Home-made way

Given the global dearth of marks for general public, various health agencies around the world now recommend the use of cloth face coverings and masks. In HK thankfully masks can be found relatively easily in the pharmacies, but they come at a cost. Those with creative hands or those who want to save some dollars can craft some home made masks - Sewn or non sewn, from different tissues such as socks, bras and hairbands. We have done our research and list below 3 masks recommended by reputed medical associations that are easy to make at home. If you are interested in the idea, please note that one of the best fabrics for making a DIY face mask is cotton. Also, benefit of a cotton mask is that

Zen Mindful Eating for Buddha’s Birthday

While the news points to bat-eating habits of some Chinese as the unverified origins of the Corona virus, there is in fact a long tradition of having vegetarian food in China. Chinese Buddhists (including the royal empire in ancient China) formed a habit of having vegetarian food which was light, easy on the stomach and steeped in religious beliefs. The Chinese Buddhist vegetarian food sought to imitate meat in taste and appearance by using soy-based foodstuff and variations of mushrooms. One can say that it was one of the first advocates of mock meat, now re-invented and re-marketed into a hip food like Beyond Meat. 30 Apr this year is Buddha’s birthday. To celebrate this day we present to

Online Yoga practise: #easeyourmind #practiseonline #namastayhome

The current situation in our lovely city is far from ideal. I am among those who is feeling more and more anxious, depressed, frustrated and negative not mentioning weird headaches, back pains and neck stiffness. After speaking with friends and reflecting on my aches I realised that it is all connected; our bodies are sending us signals. This load of anxiety and stress can not be handled so easily. Normally yoga lovers would simply go to Yoga studio and practice. When on yoga mat, one just switches off completely from the surrounding world; only with one’s inner self. No thoughts about viruses, being scared of getting infected or where to buy a toilet paper or flour to bake a bread. For an h

Celebrating Women (3/3) : Sherrie Kong, Hong Kong's first female jockey

It was International Women's day 😀👭🏽💪🏼 on the 8th of March. We are doing a series of stories of 3 women who have made a difference in their particular field in HK and beyond😊!! The 1st was on Jill Robinson which you can read here: The 2nd lady we introduce to you below is Alice Mong, Executive Director of the Asia Society Hong Kong (ASHK): The 3rd lady we are proud to present to you below

Perspectives of a random HKer @ April Yu

April Yu is a digital painter residing in HK. Different perspectives opens up our minds. This is her way of thinking and she expresses it through her paintings. "In many ways we feel quarantined, not just the body, but the soul too; It is upsetting and a vulnerable time, In many a nights,you may feel there is no lights; let me sing you a song or two, while we wait for the sun" #Quaratine #Quarantineinbodyandsoul #corona #coronavirus #creative #digitalpainting #A4afthk Follow her art work: You can contact April YU on her IG handle or by email: ------------------------------------

Home schooling: The good, the bad and the ugly

Hong Kong schools have been effectively closed since the Chinese New Year break. It’s early April already and we have been told that schools are going to be closed until further notice because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The home schooling is here to stay for a bit longer than we’d care for!! Let’s confess, we started with home schooling on the wrong foot: Working parents, those working from home (temporarily due to company policy) or otherwise, grudgingly scrambled to adjust to this new paradigm. ‘Not welcome’, thus was the original mind set of parents to home schooling. Many families grappled with the technological aspects of home schooling. Buying computers or getting wi-fi connectivity, a

LocalHood Content Volunteer: Introducing Yoyo Lau💕

Hi there! I am Yoyo, one of the Local Hood’s volunteers! I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I have part of the LocalHood social venture for about a year and a half now (how time flies 😊😊). Like must be the case of other "local" volunteers of the team, I feel like being a bridge to Local Hood community to get them know deeper about the city; from a cultural perspective; such as traditions, festivals, norms. I’m happy to show people around the historical buildings or show them some stories about different areas especially the Central & Western district of HK Island. I used to be a marketing professional; few years ago feel like give something back to the community could be more meaningful

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