Blog Article:The hood from an artist's eye

Urmila Menon is an urban sketcher and artist living in Kennedy town. In this section, Urmila takes us through different parts of Home Kong Hood - and shares her very personal take on it. This time Urmila and her Canvas are at work (or rather play:-)) in her 'Hood- where she captures an emotionally charged scene by the Kennedy Town pier. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ' Breakup at the Pier So the sketch started with the intention of capturing the view of the cluster of boats parked, from the promenade but slowly turned into a tragic rom-com as the night set in and a couple were also I guess calling it quits. Couldn’t help shift the focus to this stoi

Celebrating Women (1/3) : Jill Robinson, the Bear Mama, founder of Animals Asia

It is International Women's day 😀👭🏽💪🏼 on the 8th of March. We are doing a series of stories of 3 women who have made a difference in their particular field in HK and beyond😊!! The first lady who we present is Jill Robinson- the Bear Mama, known for working in the field of animal welfare especially with Asiatic Bears. -------------- Little Jill Robinsons loved animals since forever. Kind of primal love. An innate affinity with them all. She had a lot of love to give to them. Jill’s mother died in agony of a disease called Septicemia while she was still a little girl. Her Father never really recovered from her loss. Jill and her younger sister spent some time at their aunt’s before going

Creating less waste: Let's do our bit

According to World Bank, We Hong Kongers, generate 4.5 pounds of waste each day a number that is expected to increase by 19% by 2050. Do you ask yourself, where will all the trash go then? The world has to wake up to a call for a new plan. We are certainly making an effort in the right direction but more needs to be done. Starting at the grass-root level. Starting from you and me. Until newer technologies are implemented to massively make an impact by diverting the waste that goes to landfills, it is the change in social behavior that must take place now. On a global scale, every year, there’s almost 9 million tons of waste being imported to China as the global dumping ground. Just a year ag

Epidemics in Hong Kong: Story of the Tung Wah Smallpox Hospital Memorial Arch

Hong Kongers, the Coronavirus is not our first rodeo!! Various kinds of much more dangerous and deadly plagues and diseases have been invading Hong Kong over centuries. It is a history of humanity, living on this planet simply involves it and it is an intangible part of it. Hong Kong has shown it is resilient and can withstand many different kinds of disasters be it typhoons, floods, droughts, economic crises, even wars but epidemics due to the density in HK have been sometimes tough to manage. During this tricky period for HK and now the world, i thought it might be interesting to share the story of the Tung Wah Smallpox Hospital, in Kennedy Town as reminder of the city's courage to coun

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