Easy Veggie: My TOP 4 Veggie Resto Picks

Raise your hand if you enjoy food. Now, Raise your hand if you have always heard about vegetarianism and wished to explore it, but always found the same vegetarian restaurants whenever you googled “vegetarian in Hong Kong”. Being a vegetarian is hard sometimes because we all have friends or people to share a meal with that are meat eaters. It is even harder in HK because our eating culture is so deeply rooted in meat consumption. There is an increasing trend of going vegetarian and veganism. People globally seems to be understanding that eating less or no meat could be better for our health. Being a vegetarian also does not signify compromising on the enjoyment of food for both you and your

Blog Article:The hood from an artist's eye

Urmila Menon is an urban sketcher and artist living in Kennedy town. In this section, Urmila takes us through different parts of Home Kong Hood - and shares her very personal take on it. Quarry Bay orTsak Yue Chung as pronounced in Chinese, once known to have been home to a community of Hakka stone men is now another thriving cosmopolitan urban district of HK. This time Urmila and her Canvas are at work (or rather play:-)) in this Hood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Lush green trails, adorned with so many statues and incense sticks. It looked like a pathway to a bygone era. Through out the trail I couldn’t get over what I saw ❤️". ----------------

Say NO to BOTTLED WATER: Free Wat💦r on the HK Island

According to a recent report, more than 11,000 plastic bottles were collected on Hong Kong beaches in the past year, most of them of disposable drinking water. What a shame most of us would say! Did you know there are many drinkable water sources around us? Winnie and Yi Feng go around and tell us where are some of the notable free water sources around us on the HK Island. Interesting Cultural Fact 😊: We are relatively lucky in the water department in Hong Kong SAR. Why? That is because we can get water for free in the streets whereas just across the Victoria Harbour waters in Macau SAR, you can only get water in casinos. But, Casinos are generally not very generous with handing out water e

Throwback: LocalHood’s Annual Thanksgiving Social 2019

On Saturday 16th of Nov, the day of LocalHood’s Annual Thanksgiving Social 2019 we woke to a cloudy and grey sky! Thankfully, it was the universe playing a little ’s joke and towards 11am the skies went blue. The setting thus for the Social was a perfect sunny day embellished by an impeccably convivial ambiance at an outdoor BBQ space in the neighbourhood of Saiwan! The focus on this important day were the people who make LocalHood happen. Though difficult, the relatively chaotic backdrop prevailing in Hong Kong was forgotten for some time. Invitees on this day were our LocalHood volunteers and Partners who came accompanied with their characteristic upbeat spirit and smiling faces. Thank you

Hong Kong protests: View point of a random neighbour

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts below are personal of the author. They does not represent the view point of @Team LocalHood. Despite this article being related to a sensitive topic, we decided to write it. We express no views be it for or against the protests, simply a view point of a neighbour! We need love, not hatred. It has been over five months already since the protest has started The whole thing has gone in circles— more violence, more tear gas, more arrest, more hatred and nothing really changes. Our society has been very much polarized. Our neighbours are split into two sides, people in the grey area are being forced to pick a side, people who stand a different view are "unfriending" each

Thanksgiving: A thought for our Unsung Heros 🧹🧼

Originally publised: April '19. Edited and republished. Thanksgiving is an occasion to show our appreciation to those who make a positive difference in our lives. So what better occasion to thank all all the "Heros" of our different neighborhoods, who work so hard to make our Hood a better place to live in. They work doubly hard in this time of turmoil cleaning and wiping all kinds of objects and graphitti from our street & public spaces. Without an increase in salary. Just so that our Hong Kong remains the clean and well maintained city we are so proud to call home! We start outside the Sheung Wan MTR station. There were people handing out free newspapers most mornings, some ready with free

Exploring another 'Hood: Cheung Chau @ Sat, 23rd Nov

Des: Feeling a bit burnt out from the hustle and bustle of city life in Hong Kong? Get away from it all with a day trip to the Outlying Island of Cheung Chau. Though a small island, it is popular with Hong Kongers and tourists alike as it offers heritage landmarks, interesting backstreets, unique street foods, friendly locals, hiking trails and pristine beaches. MORE INFO ON CHEUNG CHAU: https://www.localhood.org/single-post/2019/05/13/The-Cheung-Chau-Bun-Festival WHEN: Sat, 23rd of Nov FEES & Registration:20 HKD per participant. REGISTRATION MANDATORY: tinyurl.com/y5utmng8 MEETING POINT: We will meet up at Central Ferry Pier 5 at 9:50 am sharp and take a leisurely ferry to the Island at 10:

Visiting the Dried Sea Food Market with HK Shark Foundation’s “Shark Lady"

鮑魚,海參,乾魚器官和魚翅 or Bàoyú, hǎishēn, gān yú qìguān hé yúchì. “Traditionally, in Chinese culture, abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin and fish naw (Bao Shen Qi To) make up the four lucky ‘must-haves’ for weddings, birthdays, and festival celebrations", says Andrea Richey, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation aka the “Shark Lady” at the start of our conversation as she takes me through the Sai Wan Dry sea food market. They are expensive items, but those who can afford it don’t actually need an occasion to have these on their table. It is all about ‘conspicuous consumption”. In other words, items sold as a status symbol to give face like having a Ferrari or a Mont Blanc pen. As we walk

Out-door movie screening 'The World of Suzie Wong' @ Thur, 5th Dec

Des: 7th Art brings us together. Local Hood Official connecting HK neighbourhoods & USSC (United Social Service Center) invite you to the outdoor screening of the World of Suzie Wong, the HK based British-American super hit & iconic romantic comedy directed by Richard Quine and starring William Holden and Nancy Kwan FREE EVENT!! REGISTRATION: https://tinyurl.com/rlx6dor WHEN: Thursday, 5th of Dec. WHERE: In front of the Wet Market, Center Street, Sai Ying Pun TIME: 7:15pm. DURATION: 2h6m😀!! ------------------------------------

A foodie on a budget: 6 places for 50HKD meal

With cost of living in Hong Kong constantly rising, a lot of people start to hunt for restaurants that are reasonably priced, and with good food quality too. I live in the NT but I travel across HK for work. Being a foodie I'm always looking out for good and reasonably priced places to eat. Here are six places to have a meal for around $50 Hong Kong Dollars which have been tried and tested by me. Hope you will like the list of my favorite ones on HK Island - 3 in Eastern District and 3 from Western District. Go check them out.... 1. Po Lin Yuen vegetarian restaurant (寶蓮苑素食) - Western District (Sai Ying Pun) For the vegetarians among us this is a lesser known gem! Located on the G/F, 308 Que

Know your 'Hood: Island Exotic Hospital @ SYP

The other day I went to the Jazz fest in West Kowloon. Sitting not far from my group of friends was to my utter amusement a peculiar audience. A couple with their pet; not a cat or a dog or a hamster but a cute little Hedgehog!! Yeah you heard me write a hedgehog, all tiny with Prickles 😊!! Where do these guys get these kind of exotic pets, and more importantly, where do they go for it’s medical need I wondered loudly. That’s when one of my friends spoke to me of a hospital for exotic pets in Sai Ying Pun. Now for those who don’t know me I am a pet lover. I live in Hong Hom and visit HK island on a quasi-daily basis as I work in Central and believe I know Sai Wan pretty thoroughly,having wo

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