Blog Article:The hood from an artist's eye

Urmila Menon is an urban sketcher and artist living in Kennedy town. In this section, Urmila takes us through different parts of the central & western district - our hood - and shares her very personal take on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Haw Par mansion in Wanchai belongs to the family behind one of the most popular balms, Tiger Balm! The ones that generations swear by. A lot of the mansion and the once-famous Tiger Balm garden is now renovated. But this is how I see it in all its glory❤️ ------------------------------------ Follow her art work: FB: IG : @urmime

Looking Out For Each Other:  Talking To Neighbors, Friends and Family About Depression

Perhaps you’ve noticed that the neighbor you used to chat with has become more withdrawn, sullen or sad, and barely acknowledges you these days. Or maybe it’s a friend or a family member who seems depressed. What do you do, and what do you say? For most of us, the first mistake we make is that we assume we’ve done something wrong. We review our behavior for evidence that we’ve caused a problem. Sometimes we become defensive and give back as good as we’re getting just to show that we’re unaffected by the bad vibes coming from the other person. And pretty soon that nice relationship we had with our neighbor or friend is permanently soured, or even broken beyond repair. If it’s a family m

Toddlers Yoga with Cherry Yoga @ Sun, 6th Oct, 10-11am

LocalHood & Cherry Yoga invite you to join us for another fun and fitness filled Toddler n Adult Yoga session. Date and Time: Sunday, the 6th of October from 10am-11 am Special Price for LocalHooders: 140 hkd to be paid cash to be paid on site Limited participation on First Come First basis. Registration Mandatory:

Hiking to The Peak @ Sat, 19th Oct

Hiking season is here!! Stay healthy with Health Coach Sze Yeen by taking advantage of our proximity to HK’s iconic Victoria Peak. The various trails up to the Peak can be enjoyed as family leisure walk or as your cardio fitness training ground. Trail: HKU to the Peak Difficulty: Beginner. Uphill on tarmac. Date & Time: Sat, 19h of Oct Meeting point: 9.30 am HKU Station HSBC ATM near Exit A Estimate: 2 to 3 hours Suggested donation :20 HKD Registration Mandatory:

Mindfulness Gong therapy Fri, 25 Oct with Cheryl

Relax your mind and body through a mindfulness through Gong Bath Therapy session ❤✌ with instructor Cheryl in Central. Date & Time: FRI, 25h of Oct from 8:45-9-30 pm Venue: Enhale Studio, 14th F, 21st D'Aguilar Street, Central Special Price for LocalHooders: 100HKD Registration Mandatory:

Savvy money saving tips you might NOT know about 💸💸

Many say that it’s better to make money rather than count your pennies and cents. But it’s not so easy making big bucks in competitive Hong Kong, where the trade war is looming. Here are some tried-and-tested money saving tips: 1. Assess your financial health Take a financial health test and look your expenses in the eye. Be honest with yourself and don’t do this in front of your spouse or your banker. A quick test can be found on The Chin Family website: 2. Cut down on rent or mortgage Make a habit of checking the rental trends in your estate or nearby buildings when it comes time to re-negotiate the rent with your landlord. You can

PMQ: Getting to know our culture hub

PMQ – a super interesting cultural, commercial and architectural landmark in our hood. Definitely a place to visit! With a long and interesting history, now a hub for cool, creative, design shops, cafes, restaurants, an exhibition centre and a place to hang out, chill and escape from the buzz of the city. A bit of history... The story starts in 1862 with the establishment of the Central School, the first government school in Hong Kong to provide western education to the public at the upper primary and secondary levels. Originally, the campus was built at Gough Street. In 1889 the school was renamed Victoria College and relocated to a site at the junction of Aberdeen Street and Hollywood Road

Art: The upcoming Asia Contemporary Art show

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Perfectly quoted by Edgar Degas, a highly celebrated French Artist of the 19th century. And it makes so much sense. For an artist their artwork is a product of their creativity and perception, however, each spectator is free to perceive it as per their imagination. Art insists on us to think beyond the ordinary. It has the ability to evoke within us emotions that otherwise are in hiding. The 15th Edition of one of Hong Kong’s renowned art exhibitions is here. This year’s Fall Edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show is all set to indulge you with brilliantly thought-provoking works of artists from around the world. Pic: Scene from pa

Throwback: Localhood’s MAF Street Party

True to it's name, we connected with the community at our semi-annual Street Party on Sunday 8th September, this time for the Mid Autumn Festival. Despite the Hong Kong heat and demonstrations (at the US embassy) and subsequent MTR closure in Central we were joined by many, some who made it a point to come by, plus some unsuspecting passers by who happened upon us from while running chores in the neighborhood! Many came from the Eastern part of the island... but who’s to say what defines a neighborhood? Boundaries can be as far reaching as we allow. The LocalHood Team were delighted to welcome all who stopped to say hello, visit the stalls and join in the activities. All geared up' @ some vo

Meeting the Maestro @ Ng Cheuk Yin

A man with a university student like gait, wearing a mask came through the door my work space. He obviously had a cold. It’s only when he lowered his mask that I realised it was NG Cheuk Yin. Cheuk Yin for those who may not be knowing, is a renowned HK musician. He wears many hats: He is a music composer, producer, Sheng performer, and a cappella artist to limit ourselves to just a few. His music knows no frontiers between the East and the West, enriched by a variety of genres all together creating a new version of the very special Hong Kong culture. We quickly settle down before he takes me flashbacking, if there is ever such word in English, into his background and childhood. Cheuk Yin is

Mooncaking - A Time For Family & Friends

Mooncaking - a term coined by a Couchsurfing friend for the baking and eating of mooncakes during mid-autumn festival, is a Hong Kong art-form. We may or may not like moon cakes. But while in Hong Kong, we suggest you definitely give them a taste. Our volunteer @ Desmond Cheung shot a short clip of him moon caking with a friend...and here is how she found the moon cakes 😉. As you know, Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the biggest Chinese celebrations. As a form of respect, mooncakes, whose shape represents the moon, are given to seniors: grandparents, parents, and partner's family and friends. Pre-order period sets in mid-July to early August from retail stores and via corporate channels. For

Places in HK to Rest Your Mind & Soul

“ We can’t stop life from going up and down, but we don’t have to go up and down with it”, wrote the spiritual teacher, Eknath Easwaran. When the mind is even, we can be comfortable everywhere.”​ If there ever was a city in which we needed our minds to be even, it’s Hong Kong. With its vibrant, diverse and dramatic environment - from the weather, politics and work dynamics to transient friendships - it’s certainly a place where life can go way up and way down. Age old wisdom and philosophy has taught this for centuries, and research is now proving, that meditation is a sure-fire way to calming the mind. Call it mindfulness, meditation, or mindful meditation, the goal

Protecting yourself during the protests

Our beloved Hong Kong is experiencing a devastating social unrest going on for over 3 months. Although the protests are generally peaceful, there has been isolated incidents of violence, disorder, injuries to some participants, shut downs and arrests. In times like these, it is important to remain safe and protected at all times, regardless of who you are, what your position in society is or your opinion on the demonstrations and protests. Here are a few ways to ensure your safety and maximize caution everywhere you go. DISCLAIMER: Despite this article being related to a sensitive topic, we decided to write it. We express no views be it for or against the protests, simply some tips that we b

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