6 Restos for an ultimate V ❤❤ day vining-dining experience

Valentine's day is just another day for some but a special day for many to express your love to those dear to you. In case your way of expressing your love involves dining out over an out-of-the-ordinary culinary experience, this piece will interest you. WE LOVE LOCAL so we have curated for you 6 restaurants IN THE HOOD (central- western district) which will indefinitely seduce your palates to tasting new and innovative cuisines with a special touch of the valentine’s festivity! Would love to hear what you thought of our selection. CALI-MEX BAR AND GRILL Location: Cali-Mex Bar & Grill Sai Ying Pun, 48 High Street Dates: Feb. 12 – Feb. 18 Price: HK$868 for two people. Reservations: rsvp@cali

Important pointers for shopping at the dried seafood market this CNY ♥♥

Ever wondered about the strange slightly musky, preserved smells of the dried seafood shops in the area? Chinese New Year holidays is the perfect time to be a bit adventurous and celebrate in the local way by venturing into a dried seafood shop on the hunt. While Chinese dried goods like preserved sausages (臘腸), ham (金華火腿), dried fish maw 花膠, dried sea cucumber (海參), dried scallop are an acquired taste and take quite some time to select and prepare, some retail shops and restaurants sell pre-packaged and pre-cooked Chinese New Year traditional dishes made from such ingredients. First and foremost, a few facts for the newcomer to dried seafood shopping: Dried Seafood shops are an awesome plac

Pass the CNY break the local HK way:

Kung hei fat choi! In Hong Kong over the CNY break and thinking of what to do? We've got your CNY break sorted out so you don't have to sit at your home getting bored at the start the Year of the "Dai" (Pig). Here's a list of all the some great places to visit locally, like the locals :-). Make sure to check them out... FLOWER MARKET Sweet smell fill your nostrils….Rows and rows of bright, colourful flowers delight your senses. Are you in the Garden of Eden? Well, actually you don’t have to go that far to have that experience. A perfect customary CNY outing for all to enjoy, start feeling real festive in the midst of the evident New Year atmosphere is to explore the CNY Flower market. The ar

What wine goes with Chinese New Year food?

Tersina Shieh 謝德蘭 promoting wine culture in Greater China wine consultant ■ marketer ■ event organiser ■ winemaker ■ food/wine pairing adviser ■ wine judge ■ writer +852 9849 2677 tersinashieh@icloud.com www.tersinashieh.com Chinese New Year (CNY) is big family celebration where family would sit together for the CNY eve dinner to thank for the year, and then again on the first day of CNY to celebrate the beginning of a new year. The next few days are then spent visiting and receiving relatives. Being Chinese, all visits and gatherings would involve food so you could say Chinese New Year is essentially a week of feasts. The most traditional CNY dish is Poon Choi (Pun Choi, 盆菜), literally t

Blog Article The hood from an artist's ey👁

Urmila Menon is an urban sketcher and artist living in Kennedy town. In this section, Urmila takes us through different parts of the central & western district - our hood - and shares her very personal take on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lo Pan Temple, K Town I shot for my Art Series for my Youtube channel, at the gorgeous temple in Kennedy town. This location is soooo gorgeous and elusive🤩. There is this old temple with all its mystery, a totally abandoned old building right next to it. A small shrine with abandoned idols nearby. Just the kind if place I can spend hours fiddling with my imagination.The intricate sculptures , colorful ornat

Hike to Waterfall Bay

Localhood & For Something More invite you to : Hike to Waterfall Bay (SUN) FAMILY FRIENDLY HIKE!! Date: Sat,23rd Feb, 2018 Time: 10am-12pm To Register: goo.gl/CGRzEi Meeting Point: Right here

Chinese New Year Family Street Event

Local Hood, along with Sai Wan Concern, is organising a day of fun for the whole family! Watch this space for more CNY Street Party details! We hope to see you there!

Specialty ingredients stores in Sai Wan for Ethnic delicacies cooking

The fragrant harbor of Hong Kong is woven with dynamic odors and an eclectic mix of migrant cultures. Although the restaurants of Hong Kong cause people to flock and froth, sometimes the palate craves the bold flavors of a home-cooked meal. Looking for ingredients that remind you of home? We have your back! Let us tell you for starters that most of the big supermarket chains nowadays stock a some basic international cuisine ingredients. The basic essentials could be found in your neighbourhood Wellcome, Parknshop or Fusion. Other than that, your Local Wet Market would also be a place to get some basic products for Asian cooking (Thai, Vietnamese...) so keep an eye out. For a richer selecti

Darn New Year Resolutions!!

"Happy New Year." "Happy 2019." It’s the start of yet another new year and the time for that darned question once again: “So, what is your New Year’s resolution?” Now, of course it’s not mandatory to make resolutions, but there is so much social pressure around this question that you kind of feel obliged to have one. Sure, I could have said, “Nah, don’t have one this year,” giving the impression that I usually do - which would be a big fat lie. Or I could make up some easy-bland one like “I’ve decided to give up smoking” or “I’ve decided to eat healthy,” which would be even fatter lies because I don’t smoke and my favorite cuisine is junk food. On a whim, I decided to make some real New Year

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