When Luxury meets Nature...

The rains finally arrived after a blistering week of Hong Kong humidity, and what more could one ask for, but, for a Saturday binge of pampering and indulgence. This lucky Saturday afternoon R&R for three Localhood ladies came courtesy the Emmanuel f. This premium one-stop head-to-toe beauty and wellness Spa, just recently, had graciously agreed to partner Localhood in offering a very special discount for our members from the month of September. The one thing that makes Emmanuel f stand out amidst the many salons in the area, is its commitment to providing luxurious indulgence, using the best of natural and organic products. The products have been painstakingly selected to deliver excellence

Getting Crafty in Sai Wan: LocalHood’s Guide to Craft Brewery’s

It can seem impossible in the heat of Hong Kong summers to even step out of our homes without melting, thankfully for those of us in Sai Wan there are plenty of places offering beautiful, tranquil, calming air conditioning – and of course craft beer to quench our thirst. From Sheung Wan to Kennedy Town, Hong Kong’s West island side is home to many bars and beer shops that feature impressive and extensive craft beer options. Here at LocalHood we did some investigating to find out which one’s were home to our favourites. Mrs. Pound, 6 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Mrs. Pound is everyone’s favourite secret, disguised as a locksmith in Sheung Wan. The neon-pink and green reminds us of the slick 1980’s

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