Caffeine Kick the Sai Wan Hood Way

For a real coffeeholic like me, the day does not really kick start without a morning cup of coffee. A cafe - never just about the aroma and tastes of coffee, is a place for catching up with friends. In Hong Kong many a time, it is the perfect place for solo work time or surfing on your laptop. We are lucky that our Sai Wan neighborhood boasts of an eclectic and creative choice of coffee cafes. Here I am sharing a few finds and favorites. They claim that sipping a cup of exquisite coffee in any one of them, can make one believe in the words of Cassandra Clare, “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” NOC (Not-only-Coffee) In a city where most cafes just allow enoug

Know your neighbor: Kai Yin Cheung, working at United Social Center

I met Kai Yin, KY to many, for the first time about a year ago to talk about our brand new venture, LocalHood. She was presented to us as someone very involved with the neighbourhood community in the Sai wan hood. We had briefly spoken on avenues for collaboration. Over the last year we have seen her in action time and again, speaking to the locals, distributing flyers or involved in different campaigns. Fast forward a year and a bit. We meet again to understand better who KY is. “I work with a NGO, United Social Service Centre, that manages community project in Sai wan including urban development and Environmental protection. Since the MTR extension to western district, the local community

Fiery 5 in Saiwan: 5 recommended spicy cuisine restaurants from China in our hood

Initially published: Jan 2018. Updated Mar 2019 For me, a meal is not hot or tasty enough unless I’m dripping sweat as I eat. Growing up my favorite cuisines were Thai, Indian and Sichuanese. For those who are in the same boat and love eye watering spicy food, we’ve prepared a list of our fiery fives in the Saiwan neighbourhood. Weak hearted, steer clear :-)! Some are a hole in the wall, super local. All are super good. We managed to have ourselves understood by the waiters in English in all the restaurants listed. Sometime a little assistance from a fellow client was welcome. Budget wise all are super affordable, between 100 - 200 HKD. 1.Cafe Hunan ($100-200) Mentioned in the Michelin Guide

Know you neighbor: Rob Kelly, owner of the Tattoo studio, Blackout

One of the perks of interviewing neighbours is that you get to meet with interesting people. Some with strong interests, passionate about something or those having fascinating jobs. Little did I know that this time I was meeting a man who was a combination of all these things. Rob Kelly. A visual poet with skin as his canvas – A tattoo artist. My preconceived notions/persona analysing machine go full throttle as I enter his Sheung wan studio. Rob’s work space is a large well-lit room; natural sunlight pouring in through multiple windows. Casually dressed in a baseball cap, blue jeans, a Tee shirt and colourful tattoos sneaking out of it from all sides, he says Hello. Tattoo artist: Artsy. Ad

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