My Name Is Jack

“I’m not selling gold or silver, just normal hardware. Everything is good as long as somebody needs it!” Meet Jack, the local hardware vendor working in Sai Ying Pun, HK for over 10 Years. Thank you Jack for taking the time to talk to us and tell us your story! 🙏

LocalHood vendor:Mathews Lawrence Alexander @Craft Brew ‘n Co.

I am Mathews Lawrence Alexander, the director of Craft Brew ‘n Co., established in 2014 in Hong Kong. I opened our first Craft Brew & Co at a time when bars in Hong Kong were controlled by the big breweries which would aim control what you as customer drank by offering large amounts of money to sell their beers exclusively. This essentially prevented small importers from getting listed in main bars which effectively stifled the real beer market. We were one of the first bars to turn away sponsorship offers with the aim of deciding entirely what was available for our customers to drink. At that time the availability of craft beer was limited. We were passionate about great craft beer and set

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