LocalHood in the Press: hk01.com

A couple weeks back we were fortunate enough at LocalHood to be interviewed by www.hk01.com and they gave us a lovely feature article revolving around our mission and cause! Below we have a very rough translation of the article. Please stay tuned for a properly translated piece! But for those who can read Chinese please click here for the full article! · Neighborhood alienation, is a reflection of many residents of the building. Many people may not know the name of the "fence house". "Meet the mouth, late to meet," the neighbors as distant relatives, each from the front door. · Resident Frenchman Pooja Dhyani said this strange neighbor relationship very lonely, six months ago decided to

Sweetie, your feet are freezing

Bright ideas are all about execution; the light bulb, sliced bread, salad in a bag, uber, joining two sleeping bags together for ‘double’ the warmth. Well at least the last one seemed like an infallible idea at the time of conception. The idea: Conjoining both our sleeping bag zips so we play big spoon and little spoon throughout the night, then rising in the morning feeling rejuvenated & revitalized only to go hiking through the incredible Hong Kong wilderness into happily ever after. The execution: Heavier sleeper upsets lighter sleeper into a night of tossing, turning and awkward positions upon every in-eloquent toss and turn. Upon morning, heavy sleeper (okay, it was me) may be a bit too

LocalHood guest writers: Symphony of the smoothie bowl

Contributing writer tells us of his first time with a smoothie bowl. Just a smoothie in a bowl? Just a smoothie in a bowl. My dear readers, it’s so much more than “just a smoothie in a bowl.” My first encounter with this new phenomenon taking the social media circuit by storm was in Bali. Quaintly positioned in the back streets of a bustling neighborhood I sat down in the cozily humid eating house, setting aside my usual pickiness I ordered the first thing I could. As the waitress brought my bowl over, not knowing what to expect I gazed at the ever so delicately laid fruit and grains with longing eyes, I picked up the now warm spoon and began my first scoop, savoring that precious moment of

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