LocalHood Pre-Xmas Drinks Neighborly get together!

On the 24th of November 2016, LocalHood held their Pre-Xmas drinks and get together at the lovely and sophisticated Potato Head (100, Third Street Sai Ying Pun). We had members from over five buildings come and have a good time. It turned out to be a fantastic event with everyone enjoying the evening and really getting to know more of their neighbors!

In Pictures: The difference between Eastern & Western culture

• Interesting Research These icons were designed by Yang Liu who was born in China and educated in Germany. • Understanding of Chinese/Asian culture vs.Western • Applies to all Asians, including the Indians,Japanese, Thais, Koreans, Indonesian, Malays, Dayaks, etc... Blue = Western thought and culture Red = Asian/Chinese thought and culture On Opinion On Punctuality On Way Of Life On Contacts On Anger On Three Meals A Day On Dealing With Problems On Traveling On Eating At A Restaurant On Parties On Sunday Drives On Transportation On Retirement On Mood & Weather On Showing Your Emotions On Bathing On Self Importance On Stomach Ache Cures On Beauty On Waiting In Line On What's Trendy The Chil

LocalHood book club: Kowloon Tong (and why it was a terrible book)

A lovely review by one of our contributing writers, who at this time does not wish to be named or mentioned. Only him and his foul-mouthed opinion. So it has admittedly been a while since I’ve read a book, I often find myself rereading the fiction from my childhood, maybe it’s because I’m an arrogant son of a gun that doesn’t believe any story under the sun is new, and to further that shtick of egotism I believe that the books of my more formative years cannot be outdone. And that’s not without reason, I really did try you know? And that’s what counts right? Shit I even dipped my hands into the cesspool of mainstream with whatever novels and authors were fortunate enough to enjoy their time

A day in the press!

A big big BIG! Thanks to the South China Morning Post for running a really fantastic article in their paper and online about the spirit of community! Below you'll find a lovely excerpt of the wonderful article written featuring yours truly! Neighbourhood general stores were once the hearts of many communities. People visited them not only to buy drinks and snacks but also for social interaction and to exchange stories. But through rapid urbanisation in the last few decades, these self-owned shops have been quietly replaced by chain convenience stores. With most corner shops gone along with other small community businesses, residents today have less of a collective identity and cohesion. Sai

Some of the most haunted places in Hong Kong

Most Haunted places in Hong Kong Despite its reputation as a modern dynamic city, Hong Kong has its own fair share of chilling ghost stories that have been passed down for generations. For Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of Hong Kong’s most haunted spots. Are you brave (or stupid) enough instead of heading to LKF to see your share of scantily clad witches, nurses and mermaids to go and do some real exploring? Bride's Pool This pool with several waterfalls located in Plover Cove Reservoir actually makes for a carefree, pleasant hike. But while it may look idyllic, there’s a ghostly tale that overshadows the place. The story goes that a long, long time ago, a bride-to- be and

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