LocalHood TV Episode 2.5

So we here at LocalHood love to get different people's opinions on different things, last time it was a local specialty the mooncake and now this time it's local politics. Without any knowledge of personalities or policies, we asked these expats whether or not they would vote for some of the recent Legco candidates based solely on their appearances. And yes, some weird stuff was said.

LocalHood TV Episode 2

A while ago we asked some people how their relationship was with their neighbors! Now we return with the second part after we talk to different neighbor's experiences after getting involved with LocalHood. A big thanks to all those involved!

Team building activities that don't suck eggs.

How many opportunities do you get to find out that Steve working in HR is an MMA wrestler by night but is scared of frogs? Your meticulously planned team building activities of course. Normally, companies opt for activities that provide large meeting areas, meals, recreational activities, a company retreat leader and in some cases, overnight accommodation. And all those are great! but naturally all just a tad bit boring... So we had a lovely round table discussion to get some ideas from our LocalHooders for some great ideas to turn you next company retreat into something that your employees and staff would actually want to go to. Battle of the Airbands ​ All you'll need are speakers, smartp

The Art Being a Good Neighbor

It seems like our daily lives are flashing before our eyes as we juggle work, school, exercise, laundry, extra-curricular activities, Taco Tuesday, someone's birthday celebration, and, if we are lucky enough, the occasional good book or relaxing bath. Through the chaos of our day-to-day routines, it can be difficult to realize or remember the lost art of neighboring. With the increase in technological communications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram driving our social interactions, we have lost touch with those surrounding us – our neighbors. Many have either forgotten proper neighbor etiquette, been too preoccupied to realize or rectify their poor habits, or have never been taught the so

Films you should watch, the face-off edition: Infernal Affairs V. The Departed

So we finally got the chance to take a quick breather from our LocalHooding and find some time to unwind, and what better way to wind down then over a good film, so after what seemed like a lifetime it came down to two films; Infernal Affairs & The Departed. The latter being a remake of Infernal Affairs by esteemed film maker Martin Scorsese of which he won his first Oscar. So instead of just settling on one we decided to ask someone (unbiased) who had seen both, and after much deliberation and elaboration we not only managed to get an interview with this lovely fellow but he gave us one hell of an analysis in end ending our debate over which film we should see and also you should see. So ac

LocalHood experiences: Virtual Reality Porn, not for the feint of heart, nor for when your housemate

Over the weekend we at LocalHood got their hands on a new Samsung Galaxy VR headset to take for a spin so naturally our resident young person & volunteer got a hold of it and naturally he just had to adhere to all stereotypes and take things to the next level. Lets find out what he had to say about this new technology. Self-conscious, kinky, creepy, bashful, embarrassed, these adjectives are the tip of the uncomfortable iceberg floating in a sea of strange. Honestly, it was getting really awkward. Not one, not two, not three but four I repeat four (4) bikini-clad babes were promising me a blowjob I would remember for the rest of my life. Now I just needed to remember I was standing in the mi

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